China rejects Canadian, Australian charges in air encounters


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You don't "protect your sovereignty" in international airspace.

The Chinese pilots and whoever commanded them need to be grounded.

Can't wait for the video proof to be released. China will be embarrassed and add yet another lie to their propaganda teams. It's like they don't even care when they are caught. There's just no trust in anything they claim anymore.

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The Canadian plane was on a mission in support of UN sanctions on North Korea. China interfered with a UN action and should be punished if not removed from the UN.

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When China is upset, you know you are in the right.

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China is becoming really tiresome. Best thing Trump did as President was to put China on notice, and realizing that they are the enemy. China helping Russia just proves it.

China is not the victim, no matter what Xi's puppets say.

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Chinese defence spokesman Colonel Tan Kefei, in Beijing's first direct comments on the incident, insisted the Australian plane ignored "repeated warnings" to turn around.

China has no authority to force planes to alter course in international airspace. Claiming its actions in dropping chaff in the path of the RAAF plane was reasonable is ridiculous in the extreme.

"The Australian warplane has seriously threatened China's sovereignty and security and the countermeasures taken by the Chinese military are professional, safe, reasonable and legitimate," he said, according to a transcript on the defence ministry website on Tuesday.

And there it is, the Chinese continue to claim ownership of international territory that is not theirs to claim. Attacking or bringing down a plane going about its lawful business in international airspace is going to be seen as the "act of war" it would be, and China will face retaliation.

China continues to escalate belligerence and cause safety issues for everyone in International area's and it must be held to account.

China has "NO RIGHTS of ownership" in international area's including in the South China sea, no matter how much it bleats to the world that it owns it. Attacking ships or planes in international areas will start a war. It can not order planes or boats out of international waters or airspace period!

The ugly, thieving attempts using military coercion will fail, and in the end will see Chinese elements in other areas of the world targeted as fair game for retaliation, to hostile acts made by China against others.

The world leader "wannabe" that is China has absolutely no chance of getting respect or leadership while it continues its illegal acts against sovereign nations. Such actions may work domestically inside China to keep control, but those actions will simply isolate China in the wider world and condemn it to being a bit player in world affairs and decisions.

The CCP seriously sucks!

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RodneyToday 01:55 pm JST

Canadian offense didn’t happen “over the pacific”. It was near the coast of China.

And Chinese spy ships sail close by the Australian west and north coast. Do you have the same "they shouldn't be there" attitude to that as well, or do you simply tow the CCP line?

Aussie is not in the South China Sea.

And yet Australia has exactly the same rights as China to be in the South China sea.

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Gung ho Chinese pilots again.

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Nothing new. Remember when China forced down the U.S. radar plane in international air space, kept it for a few months and then returned it completely unscrewed and then re-screwed together again? They got away with it too! Nobody did anything.

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Actually, China signed onto the NK sanctions and agreed to enforce them. It is only the most recent ones which both Russia and China have blocked with their veto power.

In February 2017, China banned all imports of coal from North Korea for the rest of the year. China also banned exports of some petroleum products and imports of textiles from North Korea in line with United Nations resolutions.

China is enforcing some sanctions. It is hard to know what they consider bad and what they consider fine, since it seems to change based on who's relative in the CCP is going to make a profit from the violation.

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Well done China! It us essentual to remind western countries, North Korea is under Chinese protection and support. The North east Asia is definitely not The Baltic Sea, where you can shoving around and got out happy. China and Russia has veto any sanctions on N.K. , that says all!

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Canadian offense didn’t happen “over the pacific”. It was near the coast of China. Aussie is not in the South China Sea.

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China rejects Canadian, Australian charges in air encounters:

China acted properly & were protecting its sovereignty. Are others trying to act tough to incite Beijing again & again?

Such air encounters appear to be fast growing, could any tiny spark not lead to huge explosions?

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So, China says the plane was in Chinese airspace but everybody prefers to believe that a spy plane, from a country that openly antagonistic towards China, flew halfway around the world merely to implement UN Security Council resolutions that do not even mandate any country to carry out for aerial surveillance.

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The United Nation sanctions on North Korea was a joke written on paper! Without the consent from China & Russia, the UN is a forum of gossips!

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China making fools out of others military's as usual !

Kind of wimpy and pathetic of Australia and Canada.

Oh well !

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