China rejects U.S. criticism of sea reclamation work


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China rejects U.S. criticism of sea reclamation work

Was the writer expecting an obedient kowtow?

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It seems that China communist would never get along with neighbors under such military constructions on artificial islands. China is really solitary country.

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He acknowledged that other claimants have developed outposts of differing scope and degree, including Vietnam with 48, the Philippines with eight, Malaysia with five and Taiwan with one.

Wow! 48 for Vietnam!

But then without missing a beat, totally different measuring sticks are used for China. 2000 18 months.

How very telling all this is. For starters, it shows that China had been patiently sitting on its hands all this time. And now that China finally gets up and acts the same as Vietnam, its "Oh, no! Bad boy China! Bad!"

So China has 2000 acres now? How about Vietnam? Oh yeah. I don't know because different measures are used for China and everyone else.

But we don't like China do we? They are so unfair!

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“Apart from meeting the necessary defense needs, it is more geared to better perform China’s international responsibilities and obligations regarding maritime search and rescue, disaster prevention and relief, maritime scientific research, meteorological observation, environmental protection, safety of navigation, fishery production, services,” he added.

Amazing he could say that with a straight face.

Carter said Saturday that U.S. planes and warships will continue patrolling what Washington considers international navigation zones in the South China Sea.

Damn right.

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China claims that freedom of navigation will not be affected by their island construction, so why do they issue warnings to US reconnaisance flights over the islands?

It's clear that these new islands will become military bases and be used to force out ships from other countries in the region.

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One of my favourite reads in 'Storming of the Bastille' by Francois Leonard, society is incapable of evolving without violent revolution. Scores need to be settled, past imperial wars to acquire colonies bring an inevitability to future conflicts. The Government of China perception, riddled with a familiar irrational bias, demanding sovereignty over nearly all of the South China Sea, belies President Xi Jinping overwhelming desire to 'rewrite' histories unrightable wrongs.

In rejecting U.S. demands to stop reclamation works, 50% of the world trade 'sails' through the South China Sea right past The Spratlys, placing a military presence, a strategy that will inevitably lead to imposed restrictions on flights and maritime free movements, would have devastating consequences to regional stability and peace. The Chinese Government could impose swingeing duties in the form of levy's, with menacing threats of military force to the non compliant.

A “code of conduct” in the disputed waters must be implemented unconditionally and with due haste.

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japan, south korea etc etc should just build some sort of shared military base on the senkaku islands.

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exercising its sovereignty and using the controversial outposts to fulfill international responsibilities

Strangely nobody asked for those "international responsibilities".

"exercising sovereignty", or in other words: invading one's territory because we are stronger than them.

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Bully communist China acts unilateral, talks bilateral by avoiding multilateral resolution to all territorial claimers. It is an obvious selfish act even disregarding the international norms. China speaks nonsense assuming others have no voice like their own mass. The time will come for this bully to swallow a bitter pill of one's own making ( no face at all). Shame.

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As I've said several times in other posts on Japan Today, the Japanese Government should move Futenma MCAS to Senkakus after reclaiming it instead of moving to Henoko against the wish of the people of Okinawa. The Senkaku islands are Japan's sovereign land which Japanese nationals cannot step foot on. What good is that? The Chinese are reclaiming land in disputed areas in the Spratleys; why can't Japan reclaim land over at the Senkakus and move the US Military there? What's China gonna do? Start WW3? I don't think they are that stupid.

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The admiral's comments are the definition of doublespeak.

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