China counts 106 virus deaths as U.S., others move to evacuate citizens


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I bet the people in the photo are pleased that they were pulled off their important medical duties be lectured by an old cronie from Beijing and give him a photo op.

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So this what is reported today the figures are doubling from yesterday. Yesterday it was 54 deaths and 1900 infected, today it is 106 deaths and 4,515 infected . 976 are serious !!

Alarming rate isnt it, and that is only what the official chinese govt is allowing to be reported. The real figures are estimated to be far more.

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"The virus is thought to have spread to people from wild animals sold at a market in Wuhan."

Yes, like rats, other vermin, civets(SARS?), porcupines, giant salamanders, snakes,.... a total of 112 species. What could possibly go wrong?

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The Chinese practice of keeping such various wildife alive in cramped unsantitary conditions is a threat to not just the Chinese people but to the entire world. This is not a debate about what should or should not be eaten based on cultural, moral or emtional issues. It is a health issue that needs the entire world to force China to permanently terminate the practice.

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The Americans have it right!

The Chinese have so many getting sick that they are have to build new hospitals!

The Japanese, meanwhile, have yet to issue any such travel advisory...

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It is interesting that none of the previous and now the present outbreak have researchers hunting down the actual suspected animal from which all this started. True noiw that this is an epidemic, they must deal with the patients and its cure. However, unlike the HIV virus, where they identified a species of monkeys, I have not heard of the exact animal source of each of these outbreaks in China.

We have the bird flue and swine flu and even the mad cow disease, but the source of these so called animal transmitted virus in humans as far as I know have not been identified and placed in specific controlled restriction to prevent further outbreaks.

May be we should know and the Chinese shoild be warned of those animals.

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I have not heard of the exact animal source of each of these outbreaks in China.

Snakes seem to be the main suspects.

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Chinese lab also suspected of being the source , or maybe a coincidence

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Germany now has 1 reported case. Source:

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