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Xi's early involvement in virus outbreak raises questions


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Right, and we are supposed to believe what Xi says is the truth? Coming from a Commie government, you can pretty much turn that BS wagon right around 180 degrees and that will most likely be the closest to the real truth you'll get. I suspect we will be hearing some new discovery soon and a few more high ranking Commies will be thrown under the country bus. When will the lies end?

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Xi doesn't release these things with care for the outside world. He does it for the people of China. While China is a communist government, it is also a special type of communist government. When the ruling party loses support of majority of the people, that party steps down. So the support of the people is important to him.

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They apparently knew far before that, as a lot of the high ranking family members left the Country in early December...

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Hopefully outside of China, the infection rate will be limited, but if not, and if the Death rate increases as such, then Insurance Companies may start jumping onto the rumour-mill bandwagon that this is a Biological Weapon and as such not payout Life Insurance Policies....

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There is a Chinese scholar by the name of Xu Zhangrun who wrote a very interesting response to this health crisis dated February 5, 2020. I urge all the look it up and read it. I read it in CHINAFILE.COM . He has since “disappeared”.

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I'm going to go against the grain of this thread and say that, so far, political damage control has been dismal, but no expense has been spared in relation to virus control.

The fact infection 'rate' is increasing at a higher rate in Japan than in Wuhan says a lot about Japanese complacency.

A modern high population country like Japan and they can only test 300 per day? Just because the cruise ship passengers are foreigners is no excuse for infecting them in that incubation cluster.

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...more gravitas for the incompetent lab theory. Virus came from Wuhan lab.

No wonder Xi was focussed on information controls.

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Add this one to your list

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A recent speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping that has been published by state media indicates for the first time that he was leading the response to a new virus outbreak from early on in the crisis.

Sure he was.

Nothing like a bit of retconning to set the record straight.

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Sure he was.

Nothing like a bit of retconning to set the record straight

What?! You aren’t taking state-controlled media at its word? Nor a near-autocratic leader’s word? Shocking, I say. Absolutely shocking.

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