Outbreak casts pall over China new year as deaths surpass 40


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Lockdown China!!!

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According to this Kyodo article (in Japanese), patients have been found in China carrying the virus, but with no perceived symptoms. Published in the Lancet on the 24th January 2020. Translation: There is a fear that many people may be spreading it through contact with others, unaware that they carry the virus.


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If anything, Chinese people who are infected are more likely to flee China.

1) They believe they could get better care abroad.

2) They fear what the Chinese government will due to the infected for the greater good of the Communist party. (ie. Kill them all until the infection disappears, or quarantine indefinitely until they die.) It will depend on the numbers.

Infections like this are considered a risk to national security. So, some immoral countries wouldn't mind seeing some of their rival countries destroyed by this infection.

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Yeah, another Chinese woman in Paris bragged on social media that she used medicine to lower her fever to leave China.

A Chinese embassy in Paris tracked down a woman who gloated on social media about cheating airport detection with a medicine that lowered her fever

That is how it will spread. The inconvenience and fear of being quarantine by the population will motivate those infected to flee China causing an outbreak.

I wonder how many will fall through cracks and make their way to countries in Europe Africa, North and South America, and the rest of Asia.

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Australia announced its first case Saturday, a Chinese man in his 50s who last week returned from China.

And two more "probable".

They fear what the Chinese government will due to the infected for the greater good of the Communist party. (ie. Kill them all until the infection disappears,

Ridiculous suggestion. You think Chinese people are lesser human beings than others?

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from what I’ve heard from an acquaintance in Wuhan this is much worse than what we are hearing. They are at the Wuhan Zangtze international School which is closed now for break (Chinese New Year). It may not re open this year. Also the media and what he told me align- hospitals are way beyond capacity and people are not being contained ( thus the city lockdown)

I am quite sure we don’t have 1/2 the story

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The total number of confirmed cases of infection jumped from about 42 to over 1,287 in a short one week; this is much more rapid than SARS at its equivalent time period. An indication that it's much more contagious than SARS. But its fatality rate (3-4%) appears to be lower than SARS (about 10% on average, higher for older people).

About 20% of the confirmed SARS cases were health care workers. Much appreciation for HCW, the front line heroes of any battle against outbreak.

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This is an impending worldwide Disaster, unless PRC is closed 100% from international travel , until we know what is REALLY going on. Even some Chinese Scientists are now saying this brand new virus "Corona Virus" is magnitudes bigger tham SARS and ME Virus.

Close PRC to international travel now PLEASE!

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Crazy joe

yeah you can follow the updates here: and hit Track Now. This is a live world map of the outbreak.

Seems to be mapping to the 3% mortality rate you mentioned. The only condition that this hold true though is if the data from China is accurate

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