China resumes construction of biggest nuclear plant


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Considering that the punishment for getting it wrong is for sure the death penalty (unlike the punishment for getting it wrong in Japan), I do trust the Chinese more than I would trust the Japanese on this one.

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While Japan immobilizes itself by pandering to antinuclear emotions, China forges ahead.

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I believe the new plants being built in Japan are still 3rd generation? Since the 4th generation is the safest design ever, any idea why we are not building them here??

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lucky it is may not in the ring of fire!!!

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The Shidao Bay plant "has been developed and designed solely by Chinese researchers", the state-run China Radio International said, quoting a China Huaneng Group researcher as saying the company hopes to export the design.

The Chinese also said they had improved high speed rail technology. Then came the Wenzhou train collision.

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" Since the 4th generation is the safest design ever, any idea why we are not building them here?? "

4th generation designs are still unproven. While it is good that China builds a plant, it is probably not such a good idea to use new technology on that scale.

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Is this a thorium plant?

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No. A small google expedition will show you that this is a uranium plant.

Incidentally, this "4th generation" design seems to be a pebble-bed reactor, a technology that was tried but abandoned because too problematic in Germany. I somehow doubt that Chinese engineering can solve what the Germans could not.

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Well, it's an interesting experiment, and even if it should go wrong the prevailing winds will blow it away from China and over the Yellow Sea towards N & S Korea.

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