China sanctions U.S., Canadian citizens in Xinjiang row


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JT, your headline should read officials, are you trying to say the sanctions is on ordinary citizens?

from most other world news , the headline, China sanctions US, Canadian officials over Xinjiang.

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isn't religion banned in China? Seems Christian countries are meddling in a sovereign states affairs.

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It's not likely these people would visit China anyway - it would be a death wish. The scary part is banned from conducting business with Chinese citizens and institutions: That is, the CCP will go after their own citizens who expose this genocide, probably tossing them too down the gulag hole. Do not visit China. Do not do business with China. Do not buy products from China.

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Oh dear, where ever will we resource our cheap off-shored goods?

China needs us much more than we need them. Yes they hold a lot of US debt. Whom are they going to off load it to? The terms of the debt do not allow for demanding early payment.

Tell China to shove their hegemony, their supply chain, and the olympics in their ear. The West has choices about which 3rd world countries to do businesses with.

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If you can't keep your dirty secrets a secret, then it's time to prevent investigations. Just like China did regarding the Corona Virus.

With friends like this, . . .

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Any country doing business with the CCP and any country that does business with countries that do business with the CCP should have stopped doing so in 1989. Any failure to do so means that the politicians and populace of said countries want an evil dictatorship to rule the world. Can it be put more clearly?

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StrangerlandToday  12:48 pm JST

Yeah, that's the narrative the CCP is forcing their people to put out on the internet, to try to sway public opinion.

If you had bothered to read the article

you would have noticed the following;

"Trump & Biden admins base their accusation of genocide against China on the bunk research of Christian extremist @adrianzenz Here's Zenz on the show of anti-gay, Islamophobic @FRCdc"

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If you had bothered to read the article

Yeah! That's a great example of one of the articles the CCP is using to try to push their narrative on the rest of the world.

It must be frustrating to them that the rest of the world isn't censored, and we can read the truth about the Uighur genocide, and even about the Tienamnen Square Massacre ( online.

Unfortunately for the Chinese people, they're only allowed to read the propaganda that their government lets them, like the link you posted. Have you been readin the Chinese websites or something?

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People should also watch the interview given by former US colonel Wilkerson.

FM Spokeswoman Exposes U.S. Attempt to Destabilize China

It is not really about Xinjiang, it is to destabilize China, the recent discovery of the largest oil reserve in Xinjiang and BRI worry US warmongers.

The US bombing Muslims countries into hell, Libya, Syria, Afghan, Iraq , do the care about those Muslims, it is even worse now, before they do have peace no daily bombing now you have to watch out.

The US hates Muslims. The US hates the Chinese. But they want you to believe that they care about Muslim Chinese

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Have you gone to youtube debunking the so called Genocide,

The are from Australia, Holland, UK and US just to name a few

You can try contacting Cyrus Jassen, he is from US and at present in Canada, or watch Numuve Xinjiang travel last year he is from Canada too,


Just do a search on you tube if you are not bias.

People will want to believe only what they want without doing proper research.

Just take a minute to think, how many Chinese has went oversea before covid 19, 165 millions travel oversea don't tell me they cannot read headline news when they are out of the country.

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I hope Biden doesn't make any rash decisions leading to a greater chance or military conflict. He is known for routinely endorsing war. He voted for the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and also supported the invasions of Libya and Syria. Slow down the drumbeat of war Mr. Biden.

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I hope Biden doesn't make any rash decisions leading to a greater chance or military conflict.

But, Trump! You supported him doing this. Why the change bruh? No hyper-partisanship coming from you right? That would never happen, right?

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China citizens don't really care what the west think, to them when central government can provides it citizens, with roof over it head, foods on the table, health care and safety from terrorist attack, that is a good government, putting one own house in order are more important.

The citizens are happy they can travels 2019, 165 millions China citizens travels to other part of the world, so saying they are brain wash are hog wash.

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Do the west really care about Muslims, there is a million Muslims in refugee camp.

Their section of the camp is run under the group's interpretation of Islamic law, enforced by sharia courts.

"All the women we saw wear the black niqab, even little girls of three or four," De Pauw told AFP. "Many women have organised Islamic schools." 

De Pauw's group Child Focus took part in a mission in June 2019 to bring six adolescents back to Belgium -- orphans or those thought o have been kidnapped by a parent.

'New tension' -

But researchers estimate that there may be 40 Belgian children in the camps.  

Back in 2019, just two months after Baghuz fell, the women were keen to talk to European visitors about their plight.

But by last December, the mood had changed. "We immediately felt the tension," De Pauw said.

"At one point the children turned on us and called us kufar, infidels, and started to throw stones," she said. "It's sad to see a nine-to-ten year radicalised to this point."

No contact was possible on the later visit with the adult women, and De Pauw fears that adolescent girls are being married off young to produce a new generation of babies. 

"It's really not a fit place for children," she said.

"There is no access to schools, not enough food, very little drinking water. It's hot in summer, cold in winter and not every family has a tent of their own.

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The West Cares about Concentration Camps... as that brings back memories of WW2 .... Nazi attempt to exterminate Jews, Blacks, Gays, etc. Somewhat what we're seeing here - in some ways.

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