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China sanctions U.S. citizens, entities over Hong Kong


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everthing that shina does backfires spectacularly.

why are they so afraid?

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China can always ban exports of rare earth metals to the USA.

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For a country that sees fit to lecture others on whitewashing and distorting history, they sure love to do the same.

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Wilbur Ross should be charged, tried, convicted and jailed for his crimes while working for the Trump Administration.


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China is digging its own grave. Its "belt and road" initiative has revealed itself as a scam for China to gobble up local resources - those that have signed up regret it, and no more will. In effect, China is sanctioning itself: no one will be willing to deal with it.

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That was the stupidest think they could have done right now!!!! More China sanction people, more people feel that they are being rewarded for their effort! Stupidity of China is mind boggling!!!

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They are afraid because the end is getting nearer and nearer as CCP start to loose control. History is going to repeat itself when it is rewritten, it is going to end up same as Mao's regime. China has always been a cesspit through out it's history! Therefor I don't understand, what are the Chinese so proud of?

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This "Lady" is creepy!

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China flexing its big bad communist muscles again. Yet just another reason why everybody should be extremely wary of the demanding thousand pound gorilla in the room.

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They deserve it.

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As I said before China is diplomatically immature

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The thing to remember is that China has at its disposal the means to 'sanction' not just 'prominent' Americans and American businesses, but ALL of them (it just has to sell all the American debt it owns in a lump sum)

The opposite is not true.

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everthing that shina does backfires spectacularly.

I think by "shina" you mean the CCP. I do not see that it does. They got HK, they got Taiwan isolated, they got Western economies dependent on their manufacturing, they got Western Big Tech and Hollywood following their speech orders, they got their institute back in Western education, they got the WHO and many Western politicians in their pocket, they got the Belt and Road colonization program up and running.... where do you see the backfire?

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Everything is soon to be fine for the CCP.

China’s Huawei Hires Democratic Lobbyist Tony Podesta

Mr. Podesta’s resurfacing in the lobbying world comes as Democrats once again control both chambers of Congress and the White House. He has long relationships with President Biden and some top White House aides, including senior counselor Steve Ricchetti

This and a couple of paintings and everything is a-ok.

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China sanctioning people. How on earth will they function and live? Easy answer, the same as before the sanctions. Chinese sanctions have zero effects on anyone outside of China.

That fact just makes China look even weaker. China lacks originality and innovation and as long as it strangles free speech and free thought in its people it will always play catch up with those who do innovate.

Freedom to the Chinese people. End the CCP.

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 ...they got Taiwan isolated...

I don't know about that. While the US doesn't recognize Taiwan, it retains a robust presence there - and provides them with all of the high-tech weapons they want. And Japan, for historical reasons, certainly has their back. If this were not the case, China would have taken Taiwan long ago. But they can't without risking devastating consequences.

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Sanctions? Wow they must be shaking in their boots. Arrest warrants though is an entirely different story. That is a real threat, given Chinese involvement in Interpol of recent times and the unknown influence over their indebted trade partners in foreign trade dealings around the world. Travel for these targeted individuals may be perilous.

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(it just has to sell all the American debt it owns in a lump sum)

This silliness again? China won't do it. Why? Dumping their US bond holdings en-mass would only hurt China. Realize there is a reason why China buys them in the first place. It is to soak up excess US Dollars from their trade surplus with the US. Doing so is their attempt to keep the value of the US Dollar from falling and that of the Yuen from rising. Were that to happen, which it should btw, the terms of trade would move in favor of the US and against China.

Number two, if China dumps their US bond holdings, the value of US bonds will decline world wide. Every other bank, investor or nation holding US bonds would suddenly be poorer, and would blame their poverty on China. China would make enemies all over the world by dumping US bonds.

Last, the CCP is a billionaires club. Their top leaders are all heavily invested in the worlds financial markets. For personal financial reason they are not going to do anything to create a massive disruption in the global bond market. This whole idea that gets tossed around from time to time is very silly. Japan once threatened to do this too, back in the late 1980s. The US said "go ahead". Why? In the end all those bonds would eventually find customers, bond prices would rise to their former values but Japan, and by extension China, would see their terms of trade with the US permanently ruined. Neither nation can afford to lose the US market that way and see the value of the US dollar decline against their currency. The sudden decline in bond values would cause a global recession rightly blamed on China btw, but the US economy would recover just fine while the Chinese economy would be permanently hobbled by a high Yuen and a low US Dollar.

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They got HK, they got Taiwan isolated,

That is changing and not the way the CCP desires.

they got Western economies dependent on their manufacturing, 

Again not necessarily true. Have you ever heard the business saying "China plus one"? What that means is big firms keep some manufacturing capability outside China, just in case something bad happens.

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The opposite is not true.

The US could embargo trade with China and ban products with any percent of Chinese content if the Chinese started to sanction US businesses in China. A US trade embargo would do grave damage to China's economy.

The US could also prohibit Chinese built ships from entering US waters and Chinese built aircraft from using US territorial airspace. Those two acts would immediately forces shipping companies to order new ships from Japan, South Korea and a couple of yards in Europe instead of buying from China. Likewise aircraft.

The last sanction the US has to is ban the use of the US Dollar and any aspect of the US financial system to engage in trade with China. The US Dollar is America's sovereign currency and the US is under no international obligation to let its enemies gain economic benefit from the use of its sovereign currency. Who wants to take Yuen in trade for goods sold to China? Nobody. It is useless in foreign trade. It would cut China off at the knees.

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Xi's actions in destroying Hong Kong are making his dictatorship more secure, but are making China a weaker country. China's best and brightest will not want to live in a dictatorship that destroys all personal freedoms. Societies that embrace diversity flourish, while those which crush diversity become weaker.

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