China says Christian Bale should feel embarrassed


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He should visit Bradley Manning here in America too. His fellow citizen needs help as well.

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I think if you want to make up news in China, you will not be welcome here.

But if your the Chinese Government you can make up all the news you want.

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China has NO FREEDOM, too many people to give that much freedom to, so better to keep the Chinese people repressed under communism, to let them be really happy, workers of that socialist revolution, right Beijing?? We do not need pesky Americans to try and let common Chinese folk dream about freedom. Now just imagine if regular Chinese had all of the rights and freedoms Americans enjoy?? It would be a night mere! Drive by shootings, everybody too fat from all of the junk food and addicted to crap tv like Jerry Springer and MTV, ESPN etc..24/7??

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Now just imagine if regular Chinese had all of the rights and freedoms Americans enjoy?? It would be a night mere! Drive by shootings, everybody too fat from all of the junk food and addicted to crap tv like Jerry Springer and MTV, ESPN etc..24/7??

@Elbuda Mexicano. That is an insult to America's glorious freedom. You forgot to include American Idol by the way. Don't you dare mock America's shining democracy. >=O

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@Elbuda Mexicano Do you really think that Americans have freedom? Or Japanese have it? My amazing experiences in China is that most people there don't really care about our systems, foreign countries and our ways of lives. Each time I travel to therefor long periods I see more and more smiling Chinese people and are becoming more and more capitalistic like Japanese a decade ago. Foreign brand shopping malls are giant than in Japan and they can buy better products and live better. It was not like that five years ago. China is developing really quickly. Yes, there are big social differences but the people seem to be happy to perform their social role. This has been the most interesting discovery. So I understand why foreign countries want to crush this and provoke turmoil. I have never seen so devoted working people in the world than Chinese. (Japanese make as if they work as I have experienced it for more than a decade... ) But is America, Japan or all the EU perfect? In particular America and Japan respect human rights? Have everybody the same opportunities? No system in the world is perfect.

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Something that surprised me a lot is that I could talk straightforwardly about politics and the Chinese system with the mainstream Chinese. Do you think that they are happy with their system? They pray for better changes and improvements. I have found many people with critical thinking coming from different social backgrounds. How many of you have had such conversation with Japanese people? I only had with two Japanese after a decade. But they were politicians and had lived abroad. But I guess they do not behave like that with fellow Japanese.

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Who cares about what an actor thinks or does?

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Christian Bale must have thought that the authority would give him special access because he was in a Chinese movie and "on their side."

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The Chinese government is made up of thugs, you will never be their friends only a useful fool.

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Bale's high profile is a double edged sword. Good for reinforcing China's victim mentality, but bad for attracting negative attention to China's substandard, non-existent human rights. Both sides got more than what they bargained for I guess.

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China is embarassed all of the time. It just doesn't like to admit it to the world or its own citizens...

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Bale is probably starting to find it embarrassing to have done a movie financed by China's Propaganda Service. Well, he should have checked who they were before signing his contract.

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Just because he acted the way a Chinese director told him to does not give him permission to shake the hand of a human rights fighter.

Same old China ... nothing new ... move on.

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Clarification. China embarasses itself all of the time. It just doesn't like to admit that it did something embarrassing.

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What he should be embarrassed for is Terminator 4

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Bale is not American, he is English.

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I'm sure Bale IS embarrassed, but not for the reasons the Chinese government thinks he should be. Bale was, in my mind, merely out to promote his movie 100%, not truly seeking to have an aired interview with an activist. So, he IS probably embarrassed that he got the snot beat out of him in a much media aired 'event' while he ran off.

gaijinfo: "What he should be embarrassed for is Terminator 4"

haha... maybe so, although he can thank his lucky stars he was not asked to be in the FAR worse Terminator 3. Actually, if we're talking personal embarrassment, aside from his outburst when Terminator 4 came out (or was it Batman?), he should DEFINITELY be embarrassed about Equilibrium -- not THAT was awful!

jforce: "Who cares what an actor thinks or does?"

Well, they shouldn't be cared about LESS because they are actors, should they? Admittedly there are a good deal of actors and celebrities who think that ANYTHING they do should be listened to carefully and even met with fanfare simply because of who they are, but they're still people entitled to their opinions. More important is that BECAUSE of their reputations what they say and do has the potential to be widely 'heard', so that if it IS something meaningful the message can be spread MUCH more rapidly and to greater effect than it if were you, me, or any other Joe Tanaka speaking his/her mind.

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