China says it will not back down on South China Sea


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China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea islands and their adjacent waters

says Hua - backed by who, what, why, when? Did she mention the term 'international law'?

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Well there is a caveat in the American statement - the 'If' they are in International waters. Shouldn't they know that already? Shouldn't they be clear on that before they start the saber rattling?

Both of them had better be careful. Pride will mean that they might very quickly maneuver themselves into a place that has very few options.

Which will be good for precisely nobody.

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“China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea islands and their adjacent waters,”...

Um, the Philippines and The Permanent Court of Arbitration have proven this claim wrong.

Hua said China “firmly upholds freedom of navigation and overflight in the South China Sea in accordance with international law” and urged the U.S. to “fully respect the efforts of regional countries to safeguard peace and stability”.

Then why build 'military like' installations on them?

What exactly China's long game?

Remember Asians like to play the 'long game'.

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South China Sea is misnamed. It is really the West Philippine Sea. says that China didn't recognize the arbitration.

Regarding occupation and construction activities on Mischief Reef (Submission no. 12) China has, through its construction of installations and artificial islands at Mischief Reef without the authorisation of the Philippines, breached Articles 60 and 80 of the Convention with respect to the Philippines’ sovereign rights in its exclusive economic zone and continental shelf [and], as a low-tide elevation, Mischief Reef is not capable of appropriation.[59] has an interesting map which shows the outlandish claims and not just by China.

Why is this even being discussed? China is wrong. Now, as for Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and the Philippines - those folks should be able to work out an agreement for these surface features.

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A bully, even as a country, must be responded to, and summarily dealt with, in an overwhelming decisive manner. A step backwards is the first in what will be an ever increasing race towards servitude.

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United Nations, where are you? Your silence is deafening. It is YOU who should be settling this. If you cannot, what use IS the UN?

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Japan needs to stop enabling China and move its companies and factories in China elsewhere

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The Government of China must be held solely responsible, liable, accountable and ultimately answerable for its aggressive, belligerent acts in contrary to international law, in building military installations on reclaimed reefs, bristling with advanced point-defense systems, heavy anti-aircraft guns ,enhanced close-in weapons systems, runways capable of conducting large scale strategic aerial bombing missions, for the sole purpose through the future intention to implement and enforce a Sea Air Defense Identification Zone to impede, manipulate thus control international trading routes through the South China Sea, vital to future stability of the global economy.

The Government of China must be left with not the slightest hint of a doubt of the ramifications and consequences , politically, economically and militarily of their actions and behavior.

An unequivocal response is necessary from the Global community, backed up with a carrier battle group, tactically and strategically capable to respond and retaliate both conventionally and otherwise.

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The United States is not a party to the South China Sea issue.”

If our ships go through there, then yes, we are a party to the issue.

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It will be nice when the US fixes this 'problem'. After all, someone has to.

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What's at stake? .......

$5 Trillion Meltdown: What If China Shuts Down the South China Sea?.......

The fact and manner in which the Government of China has comprehensively militarized these reclaimed islands and reefs is evidence enough as of the intention to declare and enforce a Sea Air Defense Identification Zone......

As foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying states clearly “China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea islands and their adjacent waters”.......

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Those constructions must be treated as "vessels" by world community. If they are causing problems to the traffic flow, they will be removed or destroyed. Confrontation and war are terrible things, therefore China should remove these vessels out of the way, for sooner is better. China's trashy talks and bullying ways will eventually come to hurt China. China did this, because China could (Obama's retreat foreign policy). The world will stop China from behaving badly.

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So that looks like war!!

I would punish china by cutting there growth.

Growth is outlook and if it's cut back, they will be hurt only.

So if there outlook is can't grow over 3% growth, bells will ring and china will be hurt only.

We can even cap it at what it's at now, because outlook is everything and it will be can't grow bigger.

That there is how you first punish them. After that it's sanctions on goods that india can make. This way we can look into it, see what's cheap to make and other country's already make. This way we know there will be know drop off, but another country expanding in that area.

There are ways to punish China, but we have to act. What we are doing now is starting war and not acting......we ant preventing it.

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This is all the result of giving china " Favored Nation Trading " status, back in the 70's, by Nixon. Now they have loads of HARD CURRENCY to accomplish whatever they want to....great.

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