China says rich nations must pay up if U.N. climate talks to succeed


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Guess that puts China, the world's largest polluter and CO2 emitter, in the league of "rich nations" then.

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"Su also criticised developed nations for doing too little to step up efforts to reduce their emissions."

Coming from China this would be hilarious if "breathing" wasn't that important.

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China is so obsessed in making money and disregarding the effect on the environment. Talking loudly can be cheap without showing good deeds regarding the climate control. Now, China wants others to pay for cleaning up? It would be better if China tries to care for the environment (smog in China!) in action and start to use own's money in helping the other developing nations. The West has been feeding this red China for too long, it's getting big and start turning to cause a lot of trouble. "It is all internal policy, right?" meaning "China obsesses about making money".

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bgood41, "It is all internal policy, right?" meaning "China obsesses about making money".

Besides Chinese, all foreign companies are obsess with making money. All foreign companies that are manufacturing in China does not follow the same strict environmental rules as they would in their own countries. What these foreign companies (20,000 Japanese companies and U.S., European companies operating inside China) should invest in cleaning up their manufacturing process.

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appearantly China does not realize that most of the air pollution in Japan comes from China

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Somebody once said in relation to this issue, "He who has never bought a product made in China cast the first stone".

While it is tongue in cheek, it is true that we are too quick to criticise the developing nations for causing pollution, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of $3 Daiso products which bring down the cost of living. It is a complex issue with lots of money involved, and we can each do our bit by reducing our carbon footprint, including holding on to your perfectly functional iPhone 4 or Galaxy S3 phone without going gaga over shiny new toys.

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When Chinese people are able to walk their own streets without wearing masks, then maybe the rest of the world will take them seriously on this issue.

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Besides making money for living, some value and enjoy freedom, environment responsibility, sustainability in life. Under their control, China as contractors agree in term of economic profit to produce goods as requested by companies. It takes two to tango, we can boycott the polluted companies who do not care for future of the earth and humanity. China was a big labor factory to the world, and now China copy it to other countries including Africa and parts of Asia. Most agree upon future environmental damages to China in generation to come. China should start to clean up their own act and supporting the effort to better our environment, not just money's talk but sound policy on environment. Responsibility is the control knob between making money and obsessive one.

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Pfff...China. What a loser.

Do you pick up a tub for someone else's bad habits? I do not think so.

China is the worst CO2 emitter and the world demands China to start taking a responsibility. This has been discussed in the past in Kyoto protocol, and for some reason, they never want to understand it.

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It is beyond the capability of human beings to influence climate change one way or the other. This annual "climate change" jamboree is not about "saving the planet" nor is it about science. It is Marxism masquerading as environmentalism. The UN wants One World Government, and the way they are going about this is through the Fraud that is "global warming" scaremongering. Currently, CO2 levels have been rising, but temperatures have been flat, or lower, since 1997. The ice on the Ice Caps currently are at record levels. The hurricane season in the US has this year been the quietest on record, and its been that way for a while. The Alarmists shamelessly use individual, weather events to try to propagate their fraud. The planet has survived many Ice Ages and Warming periods in the past, for millennia, and it will do so in the future also. A bit of global warming is good for the planet, as is the use of fossil fuels, and CO2 is not evil, it is the very life blood of the planet. Time to stop the lies, and resist this Marxism masquerading as environmentalism. Climate change is nature in action, nothing more, nothing less. Its been around since the beginning of the planet. Time to stop these annual nonsense jamborees.

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realistNov. 15, 2013 - 10:38PM JST

Climate change is nature in action, nothing more, nothing less. Its been around since the beginning of the planet. Time to stop these annual nonsense jamborees.

You are an enemy of environment!! We are fighting for clean air for YOU. You do not deserve clean air and we do not want to share. Please go to China that is fully polluted. That's where you belong. We do not miss ya.

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