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China says U.S. warship 'violated' its sovereignty


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The US Navy has every legal right to sail anywhere it wants just as the CHinese or any other navy can sail within the lawfully agreed boundaries of the US. Countries cannot simply change international border agreement from sudden annoyance or ire just because they don't like it !

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There is no such thing as Chinese territory. The Chinese have created this story by forcibly taking over the islands, and constructing their off shore base. The Chinese claim has no base. If we have all to follow their claim, there will be countries around the world, digging into history and making similar claims. The US is doing the right thing, continuing to patrol the international waters. All countries have their right to navigate the area which come under the purview of international waters. The Chinese should dismantle their illegal base, and take them back home.

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Give it 50 years before Chinese claims expand to where they complain about US ships sailing within 12 miles of Hawaii. It will be discovered that a lost thirteenth century BC Chinese fisherman once visited the place, thereby establishing Chinese ownership of the place forever.

This will be taught in Chinese schools as gospel truth, until in 2070 every Chinese alive believes this to be true and will be aghast at any claim to the contrary.

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@Ossan - I agree with you. There is nothing illegal about this and if China is allowed to continue to do this they will expand what is considered to be Chinese territory (including that of the sea) out further and further. I recently reread the Art of War by Sun Tzu, in my opinion a magnificent work, and it is amazing how much China is following this guidance which was written in the 4th or 5th century BC.

Presently..and I mean right now...Russian spy submarines are operating approximately 30 miles outside of U.S. waters on the East Coast of the U.S. The U.S. response is quite different from China's. Link to article (dated Jan. 19) below


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Too bad China. The International tribunal in The Hague ruled in 2016 that the “nine-dash line” which underpins Beijing’s claim to most of the South China Sea had no legal basis. The U.S. is carrying out completely legal Freedom of Navigation exercises in International Waters. It's NOT your territory.

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