China sees record rains, heat as weather turns volatile


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It seems many nations families could use a hovercraft in the garage for times of floods to get around on and off the water. If only electric cars had a hovercraft function added to them it would be awesome.

*Wishful thinking, not an actual expectation.

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More climate (or weather) change. Like Oz.

China is at least trying to go nuclear (while also building huge numbers of coal plants).

I think John Kerry should be the next US panjandrum to make the trip to China.

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Won't the electric cars be damaged in all of that rain?

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Keep on burning that high sulphate coal, China. You’re slowly killing us all.

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Tokyo next

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Stupidity and greed is what China produces. China tears up their landscape and remove trees to build dams to capture water and then when torrential rains come and over flood the rivers they built to divert water to the dams they built and when panic starts the continues stupid continues where they release the water and drown the poor down stream of the dams with no warning. Stupidity and greed!

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