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China sees rise in new virus cases; death toll rises by 105


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This will not be the end of the road!

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“The situation surrounding this virus is changing by the minute,” Abe said.


Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Kato said the country was “entering into a phase that is different from before,” requiring new steps to stop the spread of the virus.

More vague BS without any concrete explanation as to what they plan to do about it. Methinks the LDP and Abe are like a bunch of deer in headlights right now.

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Japan did not have to accept the Diamond Princess Cruise Liner, yet is now being blamed for keeping everyone onboard. The Chinese in particular are using this to blame Japan's approach, if indeed making it look like this virus is all Japan's fault... when in reality, China manufactured the virus with it's own goals in mind.

Local deaths are to the CCP, collateral damage, and with their strongarm approach to quarantine, they have the ability to limit that, unlike the Nations which it considers as threats.

To make matters worse, if you catch this virus, you can't ever get rid of it, even if you are "cured" it stays dormant waiting for you body's weakness to reattack. People who have reportedly been cured, soon afterwards are found to have a recurrence. There's even talk about it curtailing reproductive abilities.

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Not sure if this was a bioweapon intentionally, but it does seem that way. when you have un-educated peasants, wet markets with live endangered and rare animals captive for slaughter, with people jam packed on top of each other, it is a bad combination. I would say the British colonization and health sanitization should have rubbed off on them via Hong Kong. I think the rest of the world should just close off from China if they are not willing to change their ways with the handling of animals and eating them. But even then, I would think you'd have to send them off to another planet to be safe as these viruses are airborne.

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