China sentences Australian to death for drug trafficking


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Even though I don't support China, drug smugglers and dealers deserve this sentence

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Indonesia sentences Foreign Drug smugglers to death, but their own home grown Terrorists - get off scott free. (c.f .Bali Bombers now).

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First you have to question if he was actually guilty and of what exactly. Lots of people are tricked and guilty of only having a low IQ. Others are victims of planting and bag switching totally unknown to them. Fair trial in China? Hard enough to get one anywhere.

Next you have to ask yourselves when the government gained the right to not allow you kids to put what you want in your own bodies. I mean is that what you are? Kids incapable of making your own decisions? Sentencing always seems overdone in these cases but death? Its more like straight up murder.

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7.5 kilograms of methamphetamine, according to Australian media. Sounds like a lot of meth. Tell the truth, there won’t be a whole lot of sympathy for this guy back in Australia. And even if the Chinese were open to persuasion on the death penalty, when it comes to drugs the Oz government has a track record of allowing local justice to take its course.

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