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China stages military exercise in ethnically-divided Xinjiang


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*Radio Free Asia, which is funded by the U.S. government, quoted a source as saying police in Hotan opened fire on Uighurs as they left a local mosque.

“Young Uighurs on motorcycles were leaving the mosque, they were shouting religious slogans…The police were frightened and started shooting at them ... At least two died and one was injured,” the report said.*

This is really smart by CHINA, just wait for the young Muslims to leave their mosques and shoot them dead?? Let me guess how long it will take for Muslims etc..around the world to hear of this massacre of Muslim Uighurs there in occupied territory by Beijing,before Muslims etc..around the world start targeting Chinese around the world to get revenge against Beijing and its oppression of their peoples. This will only lead to more violence, and next door Pakistan, who says CHINA is its only true friend in the world, my guess even Pakistan will not like this and things with Pakistan etc.will also get worse.

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Message to ethnic minorities in China: "Please happily partake of our 'peaceful rise' under Han dominance (er, 'leadership'), or we will role tanks down your main streets."

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The Chinese have been ramping up their repression of the Uyghurs for some time now. They have moved more ethnic Han into the region and taken many of the jobs and business opportunities. They have disempowered local leaders and ignored (if not encouraged) ethnic tensions as Han increasingly abuse locals. When locals fight back they call it terror.

This is ethnic cleansing by marginalization.

I really despise the behavior of the Chinese government towards minorities, towards regional neighbors and their repression of their own people. The corporates want us to believe that China is the next frontier of humanity, when in fact it is just another example of a tiny rich and powerful minority repressing and exploiting everyone else.

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All of this will come back to haunt Beijing, mark my words!

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Wait until the suicide bombings start. The Chinese won't be able to do what they do to the Buddhist. Muslimes self-immolate with bombs.

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