China suspected of stealing new Australian spy agency blueprints


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This is what you get after being blinded by moneyzz

keep dealing with China dummies!

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Let's speak Chinese " we are the victims of cyber attacks, and it is against Chinese law for such activities..." Reality check tells us China also has law for religious freedom, free speech and so forth; but the whole world knows that is nonsense. What a friend you have in China! The world neither copy nor spying on communist China model as form of government, since they know the real face and substance of China. The real democratic process is the better hope for China to co-exist in productive way with the world, not communist China. What a shame.

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“I won’t comment on matters of intelligence and security for the obvious reason: we don’t want to share with the world and potential aggressors what we know about what they might be doing, and how they might be doing it.” Or, could it be because of a lack of both, intellignece and security??

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I occasionally like to watch some program of interest at the ABC. This particular 4 Corners program is no different. The different is that the claim of Cyber thief could be a bit over-done. From my experience with Building projects, Building plans were split into packages for sub-contractors to quote and Builders and sub-contractors duplicate floor plans in great numbers and in variably some might fall onto suppliers or their associates hands for want of a cheaper quote. This also applied to various consultants for purpose of checked estimates. Thus saying that blue prints have been stolen is like making mountain out of molehill. Another thing, if one has watched the program one would noticed that most of the personnel interviewed were all disfigured to hide their identity, even Kerry O'Brien the anchor man also has to clairfy before the program that the facts could not well be substantiated.

It also appeared that they only found out when the US advised them that US accidentally found out that China was doing the stealing by chance when they were checking on some email or documents from China. What was the US doing in checking China's email and documents-one wonders?

It also mentioned Des Ball name. For all I have read Des Ball is a very anti China military strategist and pro US and Western person.

I enjoyed watching it but to say that this is big news and for some intelligence had been bridged is way way out of line.

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"Your comment was not posted because you cannot post two messages in a row on the same thread."

When did that happen? That's going to lower your hit rate. Is this another of those 'spam filters' where you can't say words like the nation "Jor dan" without it being potentially offensive?

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Its probably the Americans, putting on their Chinese mask. Funny when the American's do this, its called electronic warfare and when other people do this, its spying, cyber attack, these low lifes doing these dishonorable things... so hypocritical.

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It's actually amusing that a spy HQ plans would get hacked.

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Spy-on-spy action.

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Spy-on-spy action

That sounds hawt and I know that many countries are into that kind of thing too. Remember folks, in espionage and intelligence gathering, even "allies" spy on allies for any way to gain an upper hand if possible.

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Why would anyone assume that Americans are behind this? The article says specifically that the attack "was traced to a server in China". Just like the last one, and the last, and the one before that. There are stories like this in Western newspapers all the time! China's economic clout and penchant for retaliation coupled with western countries' hesitance to publicly point fingers have allowed the Chinese government to hack and steal with impunity. And they will continue to hack into and steal state secrets until there are some serious repercussions!

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Australia has a spy network?

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This is really starting to get out of hand.

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