China suspends Canadian meat imports amid Huawei dispute


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A Canadian government official, who spoke to CBC News on the condition they not be named, confirmed the CFIA notified its Chinese counterparts it had uncovered faked veterinary certificates for some Canadian meat products.

Fix your headline.

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So How long can China endure imports from Canada? China is hit hard by ASF. ASF has already been detected in frozen processed foods. China does not understand at all that this situation is a state of emergency. It may be better to quit exporting to China and sell to countries other than China where ASF is occurring. The troubled China has no choice but to import pork at a high price.

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1 side effect in animals is death), the negative impacts are significant and so most countries, including the EU, refuse to touch ractopamine fed protein with a 10 foot pole. Not order to export to China, any meat must be free of ractopamine, which requires that export animals be fed separately with ractopamine free feed. So, Canadian exporters feed protein destined for china
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Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei CFO and daughter of the company's founder, was arrested Dec. 1 in Canada at the request of U.S. 

You want to be America's lap dog, so lap it up when that costs you 500 million Canadian dollars

Last year, Canada's shipment of just pork to China was worth about 500 million Canadian dollars, or about $380 million.

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Any meat or produce coming from Canada is still a million times safer than dangerous Chinese foods. They are full of chemicals, GM, mislabeled and often fake.

The hypocrisy of Communist China is unbelievable. Stand up to the Commies, Canada! Sell your produce to excellent democracies like USA and Japan instead.

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The hypocrisy of Communist China is unbelievable. Stand up to the Commies, Canada! Sell your produce to excellent democracies like USA and Japan instead.

Neither country is a proper democracy, sadly. And Japan is still occupied by the US.

As for dodgy food?

In the rivers and groundwater near U.S. military bases in Okinawa, highly-concentrated toxic compounds have been found, causing concerns about tap water pollution. The compounds in question are organic fluorine compounds called PFOS and PFOA whose production, use, and trade are either restricted or prohibited in the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants. Reportedly, maternal exposure may place unborn babies in danger of being born prematurely or to be born with a lipid metabolism disorder.

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The Canadians have plenty of meat to grill and the Chinese can turn vegeterians. No need to force a relationship with no mutual affection.

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the Chinese can turn vegeterians

Really? You are not aware of the fears of ASF(African Swine Fever). ASF is characterized by strong infectivity and high mortality rates. There is currently no cure for ASF. If infected, isolation and incineration are the only methods. If prevention measures can not be done quickly, tragedy awaits both producers and consumers. The outbreak of ASF has been confirmed in 25 provinces of China. Certainly, Chinese meat products are treated the same as pork, and imports will be restricted around the world.

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