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China, Taiwan to hold first official talks in 65 years


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The whole world know that Korean, Chinese and Taiwanes hates Japanese. facts!

Actually most of the world has almost no clue whatsoever of the various East Asian hostilities. And of us that do know, we know that the Taiwanese have quite a positive attitude towards Japanese people.

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Not a good news for Japan. But then what do you expect? They are both Chinese. As far as Japan is concerned, they are family.

Only when they are not looking at an external enemy, will they start the in-fighting. That's what happened after Japanese defeat in WW2, and during the time when Japan and China were at peace in the 80s/90s/00s. Now things changed.

The worse it gets between Japan and China, the closer they get together.

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Overall Japan and Taiwan have rivalry over semi conductors export and fish.

Nice try, Octagon, but how about comparing charitable donations to Japan from people in Taiwan after the March 11, 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami to those from mainland China? Taiwan came out ahead by a factor of 10.

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I guess their thinking is, "Anything it takes to team up against Japan...".

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Just another way to turn yet another country against Japan.

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Taiwan definitely hates China more than Japan, but who knows?

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What did you expect?

Out of China, Japan, and Taiwan, if you look at those disputed islands and who were in control for much of the 1st half of the 20th century, its the KMT and the current governing political party in Taiwan.

Taiwan probably has the most legitimate claim among the three of you on claiming those islands. For the proximity camp, those islands are closest to Taiwan. For the historical camp, KMT ruled much of that warring period and they were the ones disputed Japanese claims in the very beginning. Don't forget it was the KMT that ended the Qing dynastic rule and their first president Yuan was a KMT member and president at one time. They were the parties involved in re-unification and reclaiming ALL invaded territories from China in the very beginning or a republic nation of China.

So now that Japan has pissed out probably one of Japan's most important chess piece and key friend in East Asia. And pushed Taiwan even closer to China. Those Taiwanese see what Abe and Japan is turning into and they have good memory of the time of Japan's colonization period in Taiwan. Not all are cozy and nice. Rapes and murders were rampant in Northern and Eastern Taiwan. Those people don't forget either.

Couple with the fact that China is becoming more tolerant with the current Taiwanese regime, and with the heavy economic dependence on China, its only a matter of time Taiwan in some form or another become unified with China. They are both pragmatic people. Its really the only way Taiwan can survive with a much more powerful China growing rapidly year after year. All of us will kill for a 7.5% growth. Don't kid yourself.

When, not if, but when that happens, None of these disputed islands, ECS, SCS would matter. The future is really pretty much set. Everyone is only trying to bargain for the prettiest coin.

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Taiwan is the true China! If the communist China vanishes, this planet will be a gazillion times peaceful. Abolish the the evil CCP and start building a brighter future! No, seriously, that won't happen. PRC is a treacherous bully. Can't be trusted.

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Donation is the humanitarian effort. It has nothing to do with political relation and economic competition. When Myanmar or Burma was hit by Cyclone, Taiwan donated more than PRC. According your logic, More donation to Myanmar means Taiwan loves Myanmar like relative. In fact Myanmar is nothing important for Taiwan as huge market or ancestors both place diplomatic relation.

PRC may be second largest economy. However their Per capita income and Purchasing power is still lower than Taiwan. They have never been a champion of humanitarian business. It is no surprise that their donation will be smaller than Asian tigers of Taiwan and ROK.

Humanitarian is not beauty pageant show for getting attention and image.

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Good to see. It's tragic what happened to Taiwan, being denied their sovereignty by the much bigger China.

China needs to accept Taiwan is a separate country, and build economic ties for mutual benefit.

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While no official agenda has been released for the talks—widely seen as a symbolic, confidence-building exercise—Taiwan’s Wang last month said they had “crucial implications for further institutionalisation of ties between the two sides”. ... The dangerous "institutionalization" and legitimizing of the dictatorship by the CCP is a very bad thing, aiding and abetting a rule by tyrants. So the KMT is more open to that than the liberty/sovereignity loving DDP. Its like watching a meeting of Comintern where all the lackies clap in unison for the grand leader. Repulsive.

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Let's get away from the Japan-bashing theory of the potential Sino reconciliation. It's their issue. Paranoia doesn't help.

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Hm, I believe there is some people that hate Japan in Taiwan, but, thats nothing compared with hate that exist in China and South Korea ( because of huge anti-Japan propaganda that is everywhere ) , so, I still believe Taiwan is friendly toward Japan

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Taiwan and Japan are the only friends in the East Asia hemisphere. No need to hype up the hate.

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And of us that do know, we know that the Taiwanese have quite a positive attitude towards Japanese people.

Taiwan is not a fan of both Japan and PRC.

Some oldies like Lee Teng Hui even called himself I am more Japanese. He loves hugging Japanese friends and kissing Tatami mats. There are many old Taiwanese folks who loves Mochi and speak Japanese fluently. However they are no longer influential.

Japan Air force is harassing Taiwan commercial airline in overlapping zone too. On the contrary, PRC planes did not harass Taiwan planes as J Kamikaze pilots.

Taiwanese fishermen have resentment over J fishing authority for flip -flopping fishing authority like Taipei treaty. Overall Japan and Taiwan have rivalry over semi conductors export and fish.

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Only liberals would blame Japan for protecting its own territory.

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Finally the KMT & CCP were unified over 'against a common enemy! Japan

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If Taiwan and China were ever to unify I'd probably stop visiting Taiwan, since China charges an arm and a leg for tourist visas.

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Many Taiwanese immigrants despite taking up American Citizenship may still be loyal to mainland China and open to manipulation by the PRC.

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Eiji TakanoFEB. 11, 2014 - 10:09AM JST Taiwan definitely hates China more than Japan, but who knows?

The whole world know that Korean, Chinese and Taiwanes hates Japanese. facts!

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