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China tells Obama to keep out of South China Sea disputes


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I fully agree, and taking an Occams Razor look at the debacle I'll say it was Bush 41 and Bush 43 who need to take the lion's share of the blame for the US's involvement in the problem.

Seriously, why is it when Dems have absolutely nothing to fall back on, they have to go in the Delorian to travel back in time find someone to blame for their own screw ups. Honestly, no one that is clear thinking cares what Bush did 9 years ago or supposedly his father.

You'd have to be pretty crazy to send US men and women into Syria.

How about sending Obama over, he so worried about these people, he should move there with his family, I'm sure his presence will give them some form of comfort and security.

Or just plain immoral. Lives are cheap for the warmongers and a bit of chest-puffing, flag-waving, patriotic sing-songs and bulls and horns rhetoric soon makes the opposition dangerous and unpatriotic. Works every time.

America opened the can of worms way before Iraq, and has been stomping them into the mud ever since.

Radical jihadism should be stomped into the mud!

They're only getting pushed deeper underground. What they need to do is step out of the way and let their natural predators peck them out.

For example?

Why would the countries that surround ISIS get involved if they know America will just come in and handle it (or at least take ISIS's attention away from themselves)?

Well, Obama hasn't done it, the Islamists are getting stronger and the less we do something, the worse the situation will become, now there is a hostage crisis in Mali? I wonder who the perpetrator is by chance.

If America really cares about lasting peace in the region (and not just oil), it needs keep its involvement minimal.

Obama has been doing that and look at the outcome! And please stop with this oil nonsense talk! We all need oil that is the engine that fuels our economy and is a huge component in virtually everything we use in our daily lives, without it, we ALL would be in trouble, all of us, even the Amish! Until we come up with an alternate source of energy that can ween us completely off foreign oil and since we aren't allowed to forage and get out own oil (thanks to the libs) we will be

Maybe offer support and aid, but the Arab nations need to lead.

But they won't. By the way, when was the last time th Arabs had a serious drawn out and violent war?

Again, I know the US is responsible for a lot of the mess, but doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insane.

The US doesn't need to do the same things, but giving up and giving in on national security and not wanting or willing to confront the enemy and just look the other way as if what's happening is just a small insignificant and isolated incident.

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Obama demanded a halt to................yeah, right.

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The Chinese government are total incompetent idiots. Unbelievable.

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It's hard to believe the Chinese leaders didn't anticipate the pushback.

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It certainly talks that way way too much. It acts a lot more cautiously.

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We'll be the one's to determine what rights we have, thank you.

That is the tricky part. China doesn't believe anyone else on Earth has rights but China.

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No country has the right to point fingers at” China’s construction activities, he added.

We'll be the one's to determine what rights we have, thank you.

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You are acting more childish than usual.

Sincerely, The rest of the world

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