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China to boost military spending by 7-8%


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This military fund would be better of using to educate the communist China from practicing "the culture of taking" and "bullying" the region for just China's own interest alone. Try "sharing" and "multi lateral diplomacy" since it is healthy for the future of China before it is too late to turn around.

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China says its military is strictly for defensive purposes, but takes a broad view of what constitutes threats to its core interests - including protecting maritime territory that is in dispute with neighboring countries

It is better to remain silent than to condemn an entire regions diverse democracies, i.e. voting populous, as varying shades of batty, dippy, daft, dodgy, dotty, cuckoo, screwy, wacko or nutty. The Government of China in its current belligerent guise will provoke a war that will ultimately end in Armageddon.

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That's still a hefty increase; Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea may have to keep up

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Only US and japan, are allow to increase defend spending while others must not.

Bunch of HYPOCRITE, Japan and US are pushing the world to WW3.

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Bunch of HYPOCRITE, Japan and US are pushing the world to WW3.

Where is anyone criticizing China for increasing its military spending? All people are criticizing China for is its bullying nature when dealing with other nations in the south china sea.

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