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China to build two new Antarctic bases


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So why is this world news?

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Waters around Antarctica are clearly an extension of the South China Sea, just a bit further south. Logically they will need to claim the other islands in between, namely the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. You read it here first.

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Soon they will declare an Air Deleration Zone over the place. It is an inalienable part of China....

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It's been part of china's territory since antiquity. It's irrefutable!

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'This has been Chinese territory since ancient times and any moves by Japan would be deemed provocative''

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China is claiming resources rich North Pole that is not even close to China.

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It's rather interesting that China finds it more important to have more bases in Antarctica than the people in Chinese cities being able to breathe.

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Today Antarctica, tomorrow the moon. Oh, right, they claimed the moon yesterday.

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I think most of the posters have got it wrong. China has no claim and has no right to be traipsing around Antarctica. The only countries that should be allowed there are UK, the rest of Europe, Russia, USA, Japan - you know, countries which have vast experience of colonizing unchartered territory and taming savages half way round the world, exploiting the environment, building empires, and basically who still have enough money to throw at fancy projects in outer space because they have no needy or poor people. How dare China!

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China is last in line now. But with the knowledge they will gain, they will surely boost themselves to new height's, like the moon and beyond. I say way to go! Put the first base research lab on the moon next. Maybe some day we can all work and live together for the same goals. World Peace...

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20 years from now Air Self Defense Zone will stretch to Antarctica in the South, Siberia in the North, Hawaii in the East, and Israel in the west. Following with land disputes with all the nations got in between those zones. It's no surprise that it would happens considering the way China has acted in the last few years.

America has been useless in int'l affairs since Obama took office. Perhaps we should count on Putin to give this self conceited B a good wake up spanking instead.

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Better sign your kids up for Mandarin classes, we'll all be Chinese residents soon.

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read the article. 30 countries including Japan have bases there

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JohnathonJo: "Today Antarctica, tomorrow the moon. Oh, right, they claimed the moon yesterday."

Slightly behind the US, then, who have also claimed Greenland and much of Northern Canada as their territory. Claiming territory that is not yours IS yours is nothing new, be it the US, China, Japan, or any other nation in the world.

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They didn't pollute their own country enough, so they have to go somewhere else to destroy?

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