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China to curb phone, computer purchases in restive Xinjiang


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The measures were designed to “prevent people spreading harmful information and carrying out illegal activities”, the English-language Shanghai Daily reported, citing government officials.

Yes, because clamping down on people will fix things.

Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong, these people want no part of you China.

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A digital ghetto.

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What "personal details"? "Are you a radical separatist?" We give lots of personal details here in Japan when we sign up. I wonder what else they want to know.

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"Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party"? No? Sorry, no 'phone for you then.

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You gotta register your personal information when buying a phone in Japan, too.

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Pandabelle, with the phone service provider, yes, with the POLICE, no!

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National Security First regardless of size of the country, especially for China, world's most prosperous and populous country !

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Softbank demanded to see my visa, after I had already been a customer for 10 years. Later, when I wanted a new handset, I was refused because my visa only had a year left on it.

I'm no fan of Beijing, but come on, they are dealing with militant Muslims, who have been killing innocent civilians quite often.

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The main problem in Xinjiang is that the Han Chinese are not used to or do not understand the difference in Muslims way of life. Forcing different ethnic or religious groups to blend together by force will only harm China in the long run. A struggle for acceptance becomes armed and militant when suppressed by the powerful which is the case here. A quick solution is to make them feel respected and sought for in society by providing jobs and education at par with other religious and ethnic groups.

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And china keeps asking for apologies from Japan..

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888... I was about to post that. The Chinese government is populated by hard line commies who are no better than the fascists of other eras.

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Just another day for the freedom loving CCP.

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Soo, it's okay to give away personal info to the cellphone provider when signing up, but not to the police? It should be the other way around, to make police's job more easy, dontcha think?

Only problem is that if you have something to hide, and if you do, well too bad son.

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"especially for China, world's most prosperous"

On less than 1 Dollar day?

Someone's smoking some serious stuff!

China is a hole, that's why Chinese smuggle themselves into Britain, using every sort of conceivable stratagems.

It will only get worse as the economy slows down. All the talk of a Chinese century was just that!

Cheap talk.

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"Forcing different ethnic or religious groups to blend together by force will only harm China in the long run."

Sounds like you're pro-ethnic cleansing. Migrants tend to be hard working and entrepreneur, and they can breathe life into economically sluggish societies. Look what the Chinese migrants did to Singapore 150 years ago. If Xiliang is going to grow, it's going to need newcomers with new ideas.

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"Soo, it's okay to give away personal info to the cellphone provider when signing up, but not to the police?"

You don't get it??? Should you also have to register (get permission) with police when buying a TV or anything else? Can you say POLICE STATE?

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