China to end use of prisoners' organs for transplants next month


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The last time they said this was November 2013.

Here's hoping they can put a cap on this practice, and soon, but I remain pretty skeptical.

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China leaps into what, the 1930s or something?

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China to end use of prisoners' organs for transplants next month

Oh how nice of them to stop harvesting prisoners organs. They now need to actually admit who got all those organs they harvested from prisoners. Let me guess, simple farmers who desperately needs a new organ. If you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I will let you buy for a real cheap price!

If you believe that Communist China will stop murdering prisoners to ensure that their elites have fresh organs to replace their old ones, you will fall for just about anything.

Hey, how about investing your hard earned money in Alibaba? LOL

People today are so simple.

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Well, they say they will. They also say they don't hack other countries computers. What they are really saying is that this will become a state secret instead.

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Thank god this is ending but I seriously have to wonder what was the quality control when doing this mass harvesting of organs. I have to assume it wasn't very good.

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