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China to land first moon probe next year


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Even it's has been done decades ago, this is still technically challenging. Rockets will be under powered to take all that ego up there. Good luck.

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Well, they currently have the money, so let them waste it.

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lostrune2, it is not a "waste of money". China reaching out into space is a good thing.

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China to land first moon probe next year...

Followed closely by a claim that the Moon and all it's resources belong to them - because it has been theirs all along anyway......

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China reaching out into space is a good thing.

No, mankind out into space is a good thing, individual countries trying to stake claim in space as if it was a gold rush is plain stupid and only perpetuated ego-tripping shortsightedness.

The ISS is a flimsy attempt at pretending they cooperate, when all that space-faring nations really want is to be on their own.

It won't take long before China breaks the Outer Space Treaty. They don't care for no one but themselves. All they are doing now has already been done before, why the effort when they could be trying to cooperate internationally and do things no one has done yet? Human stupidity.

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Can you provide any evidence that Chine only cares for themselves and that they will break the Outer Space Treaty or is that your opinion?

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Fredstar, China wants Mars! They will be the first to land there and plant a colony. They need to put their efforts into space instead of small rocks.

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Yuri..maybe they want to open the first Chinese restaurant on the moon.

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They are going to be so shocked when they find a bunch of American flags scattered around the moon.

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sfip330, it would be a worthwhile goal. They can set them up around the American Flags as a tourist spot. The theme it is not who come in first but who can outlast the other.

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@Yuri 'They need to put their efforts there instead of small rocks' I can think of other countries to which this advice could apply.

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we should have colony on the moon by now instead everyone been making bombs and bogus investment funds. our space program has gone nowhere for years. the space station has 6 people that's pathetic. humans need to do some things really big together not war. technology and expansion is the only answer to our continued survival. and all those idiots that say we should solve problems on earth first, the space program gave us computer, sat communication, weather forecasts, cell phones, many other technologies we can use to solve these problems. we wouldn't even know there was global warming with out the technology we have developed because of the space program. It has paid for itself many times over.

the Chinese going into space is good thing. maybe it will get the USA, Japan and Europe to get off their bums and do something

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Soon we hear the claim that whole moon is belongs to CHIna!!!!. And they will bring evidence that once Moon was occupied by the Chinese and you will see the historical facts also... It is time to stop chinese aggression by all the countries in the world...OR make China democratic Nation with freedom for the people....

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Well, they currently have the money, so let them waste it.

lostrune2, it is not a "waste of money". China reaching out into space is a good thing.

No, it is a waste.

1.) The moon has already been extensively studied. There's likely nothing new coming out of this, so it's just wasting government coffers.

2.) If there is something new that comes out of this, nothing that China gets will be shared to the benefit of mankind.

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lostrune2, it is not a waste and if it is one. It is better putting money into this than a military effort on Earth. There are resources out there for the taking. The future is the dreams of better things. Like the competition in sports this to allow man to direct their aggression against the unknown instead of each other.

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Better get hacking china, you'll need all the stolen documents you can get

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Ah ... man is going back to the moon. About time. Too bad the original moonlanders are still not there in some human form or other so as to make sure the Chinese don't take everything. As for going to Mars ... a moon landing, especially with humans on board, will put the Chinese in the lead for the race to Mars and whatever lies beyond. The Americans and their space allies had better get ready for a stepped-up human race into space...

Once again ... science fiction turning real ...

In 200 years or so when Earth is devoid of its natural resources, Earthlings will have to go out yonder to maintain what's left of the world of the future. Too bad mankind can't take care of what we now have here ...

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Amazingly,with all the advances and computer power available since the 1960s,it is still the case that we have no new technology (faster rockets)nor do we no new goals for space travel-dissapointing

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I hope China advances their space exploration, hopefully this will cause the US to invest more into space which is essential for humanity to live on. M-A-R-S! Mars!

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Good for China, at least some one is keeping the dream alive.

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