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China virus toll leaps past 1,600 as new cases slow


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It "leaps" past 1600.... as new cases slow.

If new cases slowed, did the count really "leap".

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The number of new cases from China's coronavirus epidemic dropped for a third consecutive day on Sunday,

Who knows how valid the reported data are. Authoritarian systems led by a leader appointed for life backed by a single party that limits, disappears and even murders opposition can easily manipulate data and info to protect themselves.

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for tighter policing to protect social stability.

In other words to protect him, his party and those in their fellow 'elite'. Worrying that China can have even 'tighter policing'. And to think there are 'westerners' advocating for an authoritarian led, one party system. SMH

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In other news, according to the CCP, China's GDP for first quarter 2020 is expected to be from 0-12%. Seriously, you can't trust anything especially numbers that are provided by China.

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I have ZERO confidence in any statistic coming from the “People’s” Republic of China. Zero...

Any person that speaks up is either missing or already dead.

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And to think there are 'westerners' advocating for an authoritarian led, one party system. SMH

We called these people Socialists.

And you can never trust what a Socialist government says, they always lie.

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We called these people Socialists.

Who's 'we'? Perhaps if you are using 'socialism' as a pejorative you're confusing it with Russia's current system best described as national socialism, which is quite different from the forms of socialism practiced by most other nations, including the US (see US subsidies for big farm and ranch, big oil and gas, etc.) where bits of democracy remain.

Wikipedia has a pretty broad description of socialism. Which if you read will note has 'market' forms. But then partisan extremists just want to stick with their glossary of terms and name call in attempts to appeal to their followers.

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The PRC have caused this whole crisis, and the commie leaders have been criminally reckless in their handling of it. The virus outbreak was known and spoken about by the commie "leadership" weeks before it was reported to the WHO, it has just been leaked. In the meantime they allowed it to spread freely around China and the world.

No one believes the figures of sick and deceased coming out of China.

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In hardest-hit Hubei, the number of new cases slowed for a third consecutive day and at 139, the number of deaths was level with Saturday's toll.

The Chinese government arrested the scientist who first warned about the virus. Their economy is being devastated by its effects. I wouldn't trust a hopeful statistic out of China any more than I'd trust an alcoholic with the key to my liquor cabinet.

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We all know about the unacceptable face of Chinese capitalism and the dark side of the dictatorship of the Communist party, but a "holier-than-thou" stance is not helpful given that in ALL countries government officials scrambling to hide their FUBATS lie to the people or cynically cover up their crimes and misdemeanors (avoiding arrest and serving jail time is their priority). The tiny corona virus more than any previous crisis has become the greatest threat to the hegemony of the party and may even bring a sliver of hope for more democratic freedoms in Chinese society.

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I can think of NO reason to trust the numbers supplied by the Chinese government.

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