China tries to flip the pandemic script, starring a 'reborn' Wuhan

By Dan Martin

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China’s response = A+

USA response = D-

Us psych ops = A+

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The thing is that the genetic fingerprints of Covid19 actually do indicate a probable origin outside of Wuhan, given that the 'A' strain is not what dominates in the Wuhan samples, the 'B' strain does.

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Don't trust anything that china says. the country's got concentration camps and are committing genocide.

Are you goint to delete this comment, too? it's the truth.

27 ( +30 / -3 )

Ah, I love the smell of Communist Propaganda in the morning.

Smells like the Cold War.

22 ( +25 / -3 )

They are also trying to falsely rewrite the narrative on the origin of this virus. They are telling Chinese in their country that this was created by Italy, Canada or the US and then unleashed in China.

25 ( +26 / -1 )

It's all good untill another virus springs from a putrid wet market. Might have lost a lot of social points for saying that. It's a holiday in a education camp for an indeterminate time.

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Ridiculous! They started it and have caused great damage worldwide. Every civilized country should join forces to punish China to the fullest extent.

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Wumao 50centers are spreading the canard of US origin of coronavirus over many online forums. Can see a couple of them here also.

11 ( +14 / -3 )

So we're going to believe China and WHO after all these misinformation and lack of transparency. I bet there is fresh outbreak after that tasteless Wuhan pool stunt.

16 ( +18 / -2 )

The Chinese govt might be able to control their own peoples thinking buy most of us outside aren't so gullible.

20 ( +21 / -1 )

RichardPearceToday  02:01 pm JST

The thing is that the genetic fingerprints of Covid19 actually do indicate a probable origin outside of Wuhan, 

Yes, bats gathered in China from Wuhan and kept at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

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"bats gathered in China FAR from Wuhan and kept at the W.I.V."

4 ( +7 / -3 )

China is possibly framed by certain party, because China seems to have least to gain from this. It all seems oddly too convenient.

Not saying China was innocent, they had too many enemies, it's just matter of time this day would come

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China’s response = A+

Sure, curfews, mass arrests, closing whole cities, welding peoples doors shut, total surveillance... A+ I guess. If you are CCP follower.

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Black Sabbath

Ah, I love the smell of Communist Propaganda in the morning.

Yeah, me too. Smells similar to the CNN news that I have for breakfast. Nothing better than some outrageious propaganda tales to wake you up.

-5 ( +4 / -9 )

I reckon OssanAmerica is on the money above. It makes sense that something went wrong at the WIV. The genetics point to the bats that they were studying there. The wet market sounds like a secondary event. This is why I want to call it WURS, i.e. Wuhan Respiratory Syndrome, like the MERS and SARS corona viruses before it.

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I wonder if China has really learnt any lessons from this. Will they allow doctors to report issues or detain them as trouble makers in the future. Cover ups seem to be second nature to the CCP so getting fast acurate reports of possible new virus's or disease's seems unlikely. That is the real test. This could all happen again in a decade with something new starting in one of China's many 'wet markets" dealing in exotic animal meats.

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created by Italy, Canada or the US and then unleashed in China.

Sir, the virus was found in Italy and France in water samples in November 2019. Then the World Military Games in Wuhan in November.

first detected in wildlife on Chinese border with Laos and Vietnam.

do you play Cluedo?

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The more the CCP tries to hide the truth the more incompetent they look.

Their is nothing like a hiding a pandemic then allowing millions of chinese to travel the world on chinese new year to catch an unprepare world with a highly contagious disease.

There is nothing like sabotaging a countries PPP suply like bulk buying in 2019 and then selling it back at them for a premium in 2020.

Mr Winnie the flu (Xi) should be made to get on his knees and apologize to world for what he has done

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"the widely expressed belief that millions who fled the city early in the pandemic have still not returned"

Pretty hard to return when they are dead. The CCP denied there was a problem up until the day they locked down Wuhan around January 23. How could MILLIONS have fled the city in the narrow window between the time the populace started learning of the virus and the time everything was forcibly shut? And given the residency requirements in China, how could millions continue to eke out a life elsewhere half a year later? I'm here to tell you they all died and were cremated in the non-stop crematoriums which were in operation for 10 weeks straight. Anyone who believes only a few thousand Wuhanese died when millions are still missing is naive.
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@Black Sabbath

I have Chinese friends who can verify this "hard power" from within China.

If you can understand Chinese check Xinhua and other internal Chinese news sources.

On the "soft power" side out side of China they re more subtle, suggesting that this virus originated entirely outside of China and was brought in (of course the Chinese CCP is the hero in this narrative too). Check CGTN here: and other videos on YouTube. I won't even get into the paid CCP commenters.

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How's your country doing?

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What's perplexing is China still doesn't want a thorough multinational experts investigation on how this thing started in the first place

They just keep spouting possibilities without actually trying to find out

Unless and until they can answer that question, people are always wary that the same mistakes will lead to yet another novel virus

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The folks who think that the Wuhan lab was the source of the outbreak are following the same 'logic' as the people who blamed the Italian earthquake on the scientists who were studying the local fault lines.

Or the folks who blame vaccines for autism.

That, again, the Wuhan outbreak was dominated by the 'B' strain of Covid19, while the bats collected for the INTERNATIONAL efforts to identify potential epidemic causing viruses before they cause an epidemic were predominantly infected with the 'A' strain is dismissed as irrelevant with the same ease that antivaaxers dismiss the number of autism diagnoses that occur in unvaccinated children of the same age.

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Nothing new just again lies from China. Nobody trust China anymore.

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The CCP doesn't understand in the slightest that they have NO CREDIBILITY. Their actions and behavior shows that nobody can trust them. Even the people of China don't trust them! But the CCP keeps on pretending what doesn't make them "look good" or "save face" doesn't exist while everyone keeps pointing at the red ink on their fingers showing that they're responsible for what they've done. The CCP is a hypocritical load of pathetic garbage.... History has shown that in spades.

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Disengage from anything to do with these commie bunch, dont listen to the propaganda, turn off their BS , arm up start preparing and be ready and alert.

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Source showing China is trying to say the virus started in Europe.

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Cultural differences and authoritative govt made the Chinese response much more effective than that possible in the USA where individualism rules. Few countries have the same level of freedom and demand that freedom like the USA. Many people travel weekly for play or work. I know people who live in Texas officially (their families still live there), but work in other states.

Add in a boob POTUS who is clueless about 95% of the world, clueless about science, clueless about how the US govt works and America was screwed much worse than necessary. Though there was very little chance that anything near the effectiveness of authoritative govts could be achieved in the US or other free countries that aren't islands. Travel is a large part of the US lifestyle.

Related to COVID-19, Wuhan people didn't do anything wrong besides unsanitary live animal mixing. Their govt did, but only slightly, by allowing the live animals in the same locations and not reporting the problem to the world sooner. China didn't do anything wrong, unless they withheld information, but let's be honest, the US didn't take enough steps to stop the spread from outside, and to quarantine people soon. Attempts to reduce visitors from selected countries always gets yelled about by the lefties as unfair, a dislike of "brown people" or just plain illegal. Businesses didn't want the US closed either, especially from European tourist or business trips.

If a new virus happens in the next 20 yrs, people will remember this one and take more effective stops early. In 40 yrs, memories will fade and the world will need to relearn the lessons we are learning now, unfortunately.

Places that had SARS previously, had an advantage. Too bad the Boob-in-charge wouldn't learn from those other places.

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The Chinese government must think the outside is batty to believe their propaganda...

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Not well.

I have no idea what the people of China think of their autocratic government and to what degree they believe it's propaganda. Because, no reliable polls or elections.

Here in the US, we know somewhere's between 42% and 45% say they believe or tacitly accept Trump and Republican lies. That's the bad news.

The good news is that ain't enough. Trump and Republicans are going down. Bigly.

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If mods don't like what people come and say here maybe they shouldn't post these stories?

Suck it

China' instant response to criticism is to cry racism. Exactly the same as Trump' "fake news" rubbish.

Who cares what communists have to say for themselves. Trump needs a brain transplant..

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