China unveils laser to shoot down low-flying drones


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It cited Yi Jinsong, a manager with China Jiuyuan Hi-Tech Equipment Corp, a firm under the academy, as saying that small-scale, unmanned drones were relatively cheap and easy to use, making them a likely choice for terrorists.

I don't know if the above paragraph is worded correctly, but in any event that's all we need ... another weapon in the terrorists' arsenal. And so far this one is a difficult one to fight back against.

Morever, Japan had better start developing such a system so that it can counter China's advancement in this form of combat.

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A lightweight drone isn't going to bring down a skyscraper though. Used for reconnaissance or small attacks maybe.

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Laser weapon is not all that new. Americans been doing that all the time. It's not yet practical as a weapon yet though, unless someone can develop a battery that can charge and discharge super fast. This whole thing is still Sci-Fi.

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unuepb, I would draw your attention to the US LaWS system implemented about now I believe.

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This would be used against Chinese civilians who would use drones to film what China don't want people to see.

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