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China vice president warns against U.S. military focus on Asia


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Hope 'poor' advanced countries will listen to the leader of top emerging market and work together for world peace and prosperity.

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Dear Xi Jinping, until China does the following;

Stop bullying Asian neighbors including Japan and the Philippines.

Stops pressing territorial disputes with military power.

Stops the occupation of legally independent people in Tibet and the Uyghur region.

Stops supporting the insane N.Korean regime.

Stops repressing freedom of thought, religion and ideology in China.

Stops the repression of ethnic minorities in China.

Stops using the threat of war to dictate terms to Taiwan.

Stops her own rapid development of military power in Asia.

Then you, and the rest of your government can sit down, shut up and expect the US, Japan and other partners in Asia to build resources to offset any power you may develop as real insurance against war and as real assurance that Chinese ambition and aggression will be contained.

Got it?!

stops bullying her Asian neighbors, until China stops pressing unlawful territorial claims, until China

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I am flying to Hong Kong Thursday. I will ask to meet with the Vice President.

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America shall never never challenging the core interest of China in asia just like China shall never never challnging the core interest of America in the world affairs. The best scnenario was 2010 when the South Korean frigate torpedoed and their Yeoungping island has been shelled totally killing 50 persons! Although the west believed it was done by North Korea but the 38th parallel north were kept intact. Sure it wasnt worth to waste the 'disneyland' for an asian ally who 'get used being sandbags'! I am sure both powers can get along although they love to stab each other!

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In public Chinese officials and US officials talk tough, but in private?? $$$$$$ is what they care about.

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America is simply addicted to the Military Industrial Complex, all foreign policy reasts on this.

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