China vows to keep Taiwan out of Pacific Rim trade group


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No Taiwan, no PRC. It’s that simple.

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China should keep its nose out of other countries’ business!

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Agree with both of you!

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How does China expect to keep Taiwan out - by bullying?

New members must have the unanimous consent of existing members to be enrolled. This means China can pressure weaker states, such as Mexico, Peru, Chile or Singapore to veto the Taiwan admission.

China likewise will not be admitted because of assured Australia and Japanese veto, but as long as China can prevent a situation where Taiwan is a member but China is not, it's a mission accomplished.

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Ask the people of Tibet how they feel about being bullied and harassed by China, That's what China does best so good luck Taiwan and hope you come through this as peacefully as possible

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What the TPP group should do is let Taiwan in. Then they can tell China that they are already a member under their so called One China Policy.

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China is just creating a barrier with the rest of the world. They are on track to be just like North Korea in no time.

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Communist China will NEVER be granted permission to enter this exclusive free trade club. They need to get this into their slow Commie-thinking heads.

Taiwan, a peace-loving, free democracy, on the other hand will be welcomed by all 11 other Pacific nations with open arms.

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PRC is not yet a member of the group. They only applied for entry last week or the week before and have not yet been admitted. Were I the existing members of the group I would simply deny China's application and admit Taiwan. They will through big hissy fit and make a lot of threatening noises but in the end there is little else they can do unless they want to embargo all the members of the trade group.

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First reaction was that they would have difficulty because they aren't internationally recognized by most countries, but they aren't applying as Taiwan but as a separate territory so it should be fine on that grounds.

A more relevant obstacle is the fact that I don't know how you really have a pacific trade initiative not involving China, and getting them on board with Taiwanese membership would be a feat for sure. I feel the most likely outcome is China gets membership and not Taiwan; the inverse seems like a much weaker partnership.

It says its status as a democracy and market economy should count in its favor.

While I am personally in favour of both China and Taiwan getting membership if possible, as I think it would be good for the region, I really don't see how this line is a selling point.

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For your information, Japan doesn't recognize Taiwan as a country.

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China already thinks it runs the world as is shown by it's arrogant statement of keeping Taiwan out of an agreement that is is not a member of.

China will threaten each member individually with some form of coercion that it will cost them something big if they allow Taiwan into the agreement. Australia has shown it will not be swayed by such threats and as China refuses all minister level contacts with Australia, they may not bother threatening it for now. How the other ten respond to Chinese pressure will be interesting to see.

Lets hope they all have the stones to do the right thing and ignore Chinese threats, to allow Taiwan into the CPTPP.

It is clear that most people of all countries except China, support the independence of Taiwan and would support it's inclusion in the CPTPP. It is up to governments to follow the lead of their voters and vote them in. China will just have to accept it is not in charge of the world and learn its place as just one of many nations with the same international authority as everyone else.

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What is democracy if a great big club of democratic countries allow an island full of people screaming for help, begging to join us, if we allow them to slide into the abyss then we are not the people or the superior system that we believe we are.

Man up, give the finger to communism just like our grandfathers did. So what if the price is that we need to stop being office workers with soft hands and start being machinists with tough hands again.

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China is already throwing her weight around but she is not even a member of CPTPP.

Does she believe her acceptance for membership will be granted automatically?

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Beijing said Wednesday it will block Taiwan’s application to join a Pacific Rim trade initiative, citing as its reason the island's refusal to concede that it is a part of China.

Look at all that water between China and Taiwan. It is obvious to all that Taiwan is an island and not part of China. It has never been part of Communist ruled China. Taiwan can make up its own mind and since 1949 it has been a huge no thanks to being ruled by the CCP. But then who in their right mind would want the CCP to rule their country? Nobody!

China has no right to interfere with any nation wanting to join the CPTPP.

China should withdraw it's application now before it is embarrassed by rejection. It does not meet the high standards needed for membership.

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China should withdraw it's application now before it is embarrassed by rejection. It does not meet the high standards needed for membership.

@ Peter14 - well argued. The TPP is an elite group - the best of the best Pacific nations. All freedom-loving, all friends, and all determined to have zero trade barriers and tariffs between them. The GDP boost will be very substantial for every member. (~2-10% likely)

Why on earth would those 11 want to reward China in this exclusive, worlds-best free-trade group?

Hopefully the membership of Taiwan will be signed off within weeks.

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Bring Taiwan into the group. Then let China beg them to be included.

Or not. That would be fine too.

If the group goes the other way, then the world will know that money is more important than morals, human rights, to the TPP.

Didn't the CCP break away from China? Isn't the real Chinese Govt on Taiwan?

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 Isn't the real Chinese Govt on Taiwan?

The government in Taiwan is the direct descendant of the republic Sun Yat-sen established after the defeat of the Qing Dynasty.

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