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China wants to 'take over' Australian politics: ex-spy chief


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Isnt that what China wants to do with its "belt and road", you know get all these impoverished countries in debt then take over these assets (then the country).

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Unfortunately, I’m not surprised

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No surprise there except its a leading story. Has anyone ever wondered how many politicos bought from China are in many other governments?

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Mild shock

A super power meddling in politics of other countries for their own benefit?

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China is indeed targeting developed counties as well as third world countries. Influencing politics, business, education, even entertainment. It doesn't really take a security expert to figure this out.

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China is indeed targeting developed counties as well as third world countries. Influencing politics, business, education, even entertainment. It doesn't really take a security expert to figure this out.

I think in the past you advocated war with China. What do you think? Go to war with them for doing what the largest superpower does?

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Australia is full of resources for China to exploit.Why wouldn’t they attempt to exploit Australia?

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Meanwhile in Ghana: 'Illegal fishing by Chinese-owned trawlers is costing the country millions – and one of the officials trying to stop it has now been missing for months'.


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Australia, Canada, the USA... except in the USA they are so obsessed with little old Russia that they barely notice China really pulling the strings.

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Not surprising. Time for a bamboo wall of containment.

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I believe that China has just swapped places with WW2 era Japan in its ambitions. Japan also wanted Australia for its land,and wanted that land for its citizens to homestead on. Ive heard about this recent rampant Chinese subversion in Australia, and how China now owns Aus. This Intel Chief is spot on.

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They’re doing this crap internationally. Even saw it in Ecuador

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China has replaced the United States as the second-largest foreign owner of agricultural land in Australia. (The U.K. is No. 1.)

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swapped places with WW2

You mean Nazi? Thus, the word Chinazi.

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It would explain Australian leaders' continued support for coal, most of which seems to end up in Chinese power stations.

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China is targetting state and local govts in Australia rather than the feds who are increasingly hostile. Slipping through the back door rather than kicking down the front door. It's a smart tactic and effective. Western Australia is the worst - virtually a vassal state already. Unfortunately in these matters, the feds can't control everything the states do, unlike say in Japan where the prefectures are pretty weak and Kasumigaseki has an iron grip on everything.

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Whenever there is money involved, there are strings connected.

It is obvious, but sometimes hearing it from someone else will get things to "click".

Does Australia allow non-citizens to contribute to political parties or campaigns? Seems like a law is needed to prevent that. I would go a little farther in that law - if you cannot legally vote in a specific election, then you cannot contribute money, time, gifts, services towards the campaign or party. That would solve people in Sydney trying to impact local elections in Darwin.

As for foreign support in University projects/studies/grants, perhaps limiting those to departments where national security isn't involved would be prudent? So, no EE or Biology help from China, but Sports Medicine or Journalism would be ok? My University limited foreign access to certain after-class studies due to clearance requirements to attend. Do Australian Universities do something similar?

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Xi wants to take over Australia, and Putin wants to take over the U.S.

One thing that would help would be to no longer allow large donations in the political arena.

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Longer story from a Chinese defector with more details how the CCP infiltrates different organizations with Pro-China people.


He says he had personal involvement in an October 2015 operation to kidnap and abduct to the Chinese mainland a Hong Kong bookseller, Lee Bo, and played a role in a clandestine organisation that also directed bashings or cyber attacks on Hong Kong dissidents.

China is actively trying to manipulate Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australian elections, Universities, and media. They use lots of online accounts in their efforts according to the article.

Monday there are supposed to be more details released.

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