China warns against foreign meddling in Hong Kong


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China warns against foreign meddling in Hong Kong

If you are for Communist China dictatorial rule, you're okay, but if you are for more freedom you are an outsider.

I love the way Communist China spins this, it's a damned if you do and damned if you don't plan.

If you saw CNN last night (they covered this) you would have seen that Communist China is sending in paid protesters to Hong Kong to beef up the ranks of the pro-Communism numbers.

If the West doesn't get involved and things keep going the way they are going, there will be another Tiananmen Square massacre. But, when it happens China's markets will take a major hit.

I am pretty sure that Communist China will find a way to blame Japan or the U.S. for their corrupt ruthless actions.

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How is this relevant, elephant200? China's dictatorship would not have lasted this long without Chinese support.

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The British empire was never a democracy, didn't you know that? The UK decision made by Margaret Thatcher to return HK back to China is foresee the future British commercial interest. And that pays off now as the worsening Sino Japanese relations is Britian's gain. Havnt you read the news that QE2nd met Chinese investment in UK for30billion USD? This is what Mr Cameron cannot resist! HK is a history term for Britons and their next destination is BBeijing. I am sory HK people has lost their directon.

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@CraigHicks That would be true except the CCP doesn't want democracy, they want one party rule :-(

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HK would be a great place for China to begin its journey to democracy, China shouldn't miss the chance. For those imagining nostalgia for British rule, why didn't Britain let HK establish its own democratic civil government say around 1945-1947? A big missed chance to have left a worthwhile legacy.

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Having had a previous relationship with an HK girl for nearly 3 years I can definitely agree that many HKers don't really like the mainland. While she did have relatives in China, she didn't like visiting there as she found the lack of "manners" and cleanliness very deplorable. She moved back to HK a few years ago and I'm pretty sure she's not happy with what is happening to her birthplace right about now.

I'm just hoping the HKers are strong and willing enough to fight tooth and nail to protect the rights they had before Beijing was returned control of the region.

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China warns against foreign meddling in Hong Kong

Oh so I guess Beijing will be staying clear of HK in that case?

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It's always "foreign" meddling with them - they won't admit that 99% of the complaints about Hong Kong come from Hong Kongers themselves. If anyone complains, oh he/she must not be from Hong Kong.

And Taiwan sees all this, and they don't want to be another Hong Kong.

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1997 was a big deal before it happened. People were scared, of a new Cultural Revolution in HK, I guess. Didn't happen so far, China didn't want to kill the golden goose. Don't know how much the choice of leader, Red or whatever, affects people there in their daily lives. Maybe not much at all, except pride.

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Right, Beijing doesn't want any interference if they go Tienanmen Square on the HK protestors.

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.....And not enough girls for their boys in years to come. They've been adopted out of the country or aborted due to gender.

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China's intent is to conquer the world all of Asia thats why they are trying building their military. Their water is polluted, its over crowded and corrupt and the air is terrible so what are they doing conquering for survival!

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China warns against foreign meddling in Hong Kong

Yes, I really do wish China would stop its foreign meddling in Hong Kong.

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One of my kids went to an int'l camp. She told me that the kids from Hong Kong and China didn't mix at all at the camp and that the kids from Hong Kong couldn't stand the mannerisms and behavior of the Chinese kids. That's what one of the Hong Kong kids told her.

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HKG is toast, I bet most HKGer's wish the Brits were still in charge..............

Whats happening in HKG is just more evidence that China's commies are off their rockers & DEAD SCARED of its own people....................

It aint going to end well!

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Let free information flow...let evil men be overthrown.

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Meanwhile over the border, Shenzhen's financial district continues to grow. If Beijing's objective is to create instability in HK in order to expedite foreign investment to Shenzhen, it will might be working.

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Real freedom in Hong Kong took a hit when the colony was returned to China in 1997. Since then Beijing has been leaning toward full domination of Hong Kong ... and this pressure will get greater and greater until it achieves its goal. Hopefully, Hong Kongers will be able to resist complete Beijing control ... but the odds appear not to be in their favor.

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