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China warns U.S. against interference in Hong Kong


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The time is near when the "world police" will have to turn inward to sort out their own issues. Enough is enough.

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Being that it's so easy to get China a little bit bent out of shape over something so trivial (US will never lift a finger over Hong Kong), it's good to exert a bit of pressure in a bunch of places. It's a shame Obama didn't meet with the Dalai Lama at the same time. And then join a summit of all the nations whose territories are being threatened by China. And then put forth a few resolutions in the UN about China's coddling of North Korea. And then go to the International Court of Justice to sue China over its turning a blind eye to intellectual property piracy and counterfeiting. And on and on....

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Biden is a bit of a gadfly. Why else would he bother meeting these people in Hong Kong? Trying to stir the pot? Of course the Chinese went for the bait. Seems like nobody in Asia knows when it's best to just ignore somebody rather than give free publicity.

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Biden should go to Ukraine if he has the gall! What's the point of going to HK? Is America trying to strut again after failing miserably in Ukraine?

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Just trying to imagine the American reaction if the Russian VP (or really ANY member of the Russian government) were to start meeting with representatives from eastern Ukraine (or the other places where there are regions that want close ties with Russia within states that are US clients). Oh, wait, don't have to, the over the top reaction by Washington to mere statements of support for selfdetermination and 'semi-autonomous status' for these regions being so extreme compared to China's to this flagrant violation of international law (the American stance on Russian actions applied to American actions) makes it clear what that reaction would be (threats of nuclear war and the escalation of economic warfare)

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Only one way to show the contempt the civilized world has for non-democracies like China: rub their nose in the pile they have created by demanding territory back with no progress on human rights.

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Just another reason the CCP should figure out it's not wanted. While there is nothing the UK can do now since HK always has belonged to China, people of HK know that they're losing their freedoms little by little until they're like the "mainland". They can't take away the knowledge of what it's like to have rights from the generation of HK citizens that grew up with it.

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But for the day Hong Kong takes its sovereign place in the UN and Commonwealth.

Interesting how on 1 July, Hong Kong's national day, more colonial flags fly than PRC flags.

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