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China will 'take off the gloves' if Trump continues on Taiwan


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Hopefully Mr. Trump and his associates will get to experience at least some if not then the real meaning of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Mr. Trump has no right to bully China over America's economical and political decline... Stop fooling our Asian nations. Because after a very lengthy colonization, China and many Asian nations are working very, very hard to improve their lives. We all need to be great again and again, not just one country or one creed or race or one nation...

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Well they have to. The CPP can't back off or else they'll look weak. The Taiwan issue is a strong political issue in China, and it's one talking point that the government can use to get people riled up. The people know this, but since this particular issue is a core belief, they'll actually just agree.

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Oh Shut up China! Your one to talk!

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It's true that 'One China' is nonsense and always has been, and the whole world knows perfectly well that Taiwan is an independent country in all but name. But one can't help wondering if the Dumpster really knew what he was blundering into...

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Trump is showing some smarts here. China is the real rival/enemy of the US, not Russia. If anything, improving relations with Russia will be a wise move in order to pressure China.

The dictators in charge in Beijing are going to have to get over themselves, and stop with the overheated rhetoric. As others have said, this is a convenient way for them to distract their populace from the very real structural problems that China will face in the future.

China can hold whatever position they choose, however unrealistic. There's no reason for the rest of the world to agree.

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Believe me, China doesn't want the U.S. to take the gloves off, believe me.

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I really have no idea what's going on here.

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I really have no idea what's going on here.

Maybe trump is doing this:

this is a convenient way for them to distract their populace

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It's PLAYTIME kids...time to find out why you have all that US Military in this country. Let the Games BEGIN:

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