China's leader warns of 'collapse' at start of congress


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Never happen. Too culturally ingrained and also part of the glue that holds this state together.

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Like I have been saying for a few years China is set to implode, explode or BOTH, only question is when & how it will happen but it WILL happen, even Hu can see, its plain as day!

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It's better not to get what you wish for in this case. Shockwaves would hit Asia if China implodes, beginning with tidal waves of refuges.

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Interesting. Of course, in Japan (and the US and Europe) the politicians don't even make the promise to end corruption because it would be an admission that it existed and would confirm the public's opinion about the lack of integrity and honestly in the government. If the communist Xi accomplishes it, he would shock the so-called "free" world and destroy their self-held moral authority. I, for one, hopes he can do it. Do not underestimate the Chinese leadership's desire to retain power in a changing China. We just might witness a purge worth watching during this 5-year period.

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Refugees already inundating but boosting low population & injecting sneaked out CNY

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What corruption in China? That is a propaganda of west against China. People of the world remember that CHINA is the best yes BEST country in the world. In case If you find any corruption some where in China that is for our selfdefence. Said by a Chinese communist leader..

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waste time to look at the worst government , it does admit that it is trying to rob its weaker neighbors as much as it can . china is also a robbing government

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We must save the motherland!!!

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This signals that the Chinese economy and social system is evolving into a modern polity and economy that will continue to bear striking differences to those of the West while in some respects perhaps embracing free-markets economics even more strongly than the West by implementing regulatory and legal regimes that keep the free market open for competition by harshly punishing corruption and cronyism.

Of course, that in an of itself will serve to promote meritocracy, another hallmark value of modernity.

and in the public sphere, the recognition of merit is generally something that people at some point demand to have a say in, which leads to a more participatory, representative form of government. In the case of China, maybe it will lead to competitive elections to party office.

The fact that they don't have a polarized two-party system might make such elections more about concrete issues. Hmmm

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Corruptions there have been known for quite some time. At least we can give him credit for calling it out. In some other countries even though everyone knows there are bribery and corruptions, politicians turn their blind eyes. Instead of bribery, what do they usually call that? Lobbying. In many cases, politicians simply sit on the boards after they retire from politics.

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It's better not to get what you wish for in this case. Shockwaves would hit Asia if China implodes, beginning with tidal waves of refuges

. akkk1,

You need to learn the difference between a wish & an observation!

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. Many Chinese friends are now here trying to get green cards. They do not want to go back to China.They do not trust Chinese government . We save money for retirement while Chinese save money to get out.

Some immigration lawyers have seen a new increase in the number of Chinese seeking foreign citizenship, a trend they suggest is tied to worries about political turmoil and economic slowdown in China, especially among businesspeople and politicians seeking to protect their families and wealth.

"There's definitely a surge in China for what I call 'let-me-out-now' product," said Jean-Francois Harvey, an immigration lawyer based in Hong Kong who deals with clients throughout Asia.

The recent interest builds on a trend of growth in applications from Chinese seeking to emigrate to places like the U.S., Canada and the U.K. in recent years.

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Explains on why they are trying to distract the mainland Chinese population with a conflict with Japan. It is not going to help them as how long can they suppress the population? People are tired of the corruption and the rich stealing from workers ie not paying them for work done.

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Corruption has been the downfall of every Chinese government in the last several centuries. But I do wonder how you reduce / eliminate corruption in cultures where it is ingrained. This is going to be a tough one.

As far as China being a maritime power; fine. But if that means that China becomes a maritime power that wants to take over territory that isn't their own then that is trouble. We all know how that went with Japan in the early part of the last century. But this time everybody has or can get nukes. The result could be ugly.

Yuri is right, the latest provocations over the Senkakus is just the communist party trying to deflect attention from their own shortcomings. It's a dangerous game. Just ask Germany or Japan.

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It's easy to admit corruption in your party when you are not accountable to the people.

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Yes, he should start with his wife and relatives who were found to have $2billion in assets in business deals nobody's ever heard of until now.

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Sorry, was referring to Wen Jiabao

I'd be surprised if they could find a civil servant who actually chose to survive on their meager salary.

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Well, we'll all just have to wait and see... as usual.

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