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Chinatowns around world feel brunt of virus panic


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"It's unfair that a lot of people are scared of Chinese people," said Eddie Lau, president of Melbourne's Chinese Chamber of Commerce. "We tell people, 'we are fine, don't be scared.'"

I’m not scared of Chinese people but I would not want to place myself in an area where mainland Chinese come and go.

Nobody wants to be infected by a virus...

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Such a shame. Peoples livelihoods are in jeopardy.

Ignorance scares me the most.

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I remember my grandmother telling me stories about tuberculosis back in the early 1900s. She told me how entire families would be wiped out by TB. The homes of these poor unfortunates whose families were being ravaged by it were considered untouchable by the surrounding community. Nobody understood what exactly it was but they knew that it was airborne. Fear gripped everyone because of this invisible killer. The homes of these families stricken by it would remain untouched after all of the members had died of TB. Even burglars were afraid to enter such homes for fear of inhaling the air or touching something that had it. These homes would sit there with all of the contents undisturbed for long periods of time. Nobody wanted to enter. The fear of death was that strong.

The same kind of thinking still holds true today.

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Decline in business was expected as it did during other such epidemics started in China. Sad, but this kind of outbreak with China having being the source of most of these epidemics would be a major hurdle for the Chinese people in all areas. Given the very negative image of the government of China in other areas and the negative impact of Chinese abroad, unlike Russia and N Korea, this may continue to be a problem for a very long time.

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It's good that people are taking precautions - we don't fully understand this virus yet.

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This is what happens when businesses only cater for mainly only the foreign market but not the locals - its like relying on a credit card to pay the bills.

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The Japanese take away shop that my wife working part time was relying on Chinese students, but the Chinese students could not come back to Melbourne due to travel ban from China. Now the shop revenue has dropped 75%. I think Australian Government should allow Chinese students come back and quarantine them 14 days in Christmas Island or quarantine facility at after arrived in Australia.Otherwise, many businesses will have to close because many small businesses in Australia are depending on tourists and 75% of the tourists are from China. Now Chinese tourists cannot come to Australia and their revenue are dropped. Some shops are closed and many employees have lost their job. Government needs to find solution for Chinese students able to come back and continue study in Australia.

Also, racist rumors circulating in social media are promoting peoples to avoid Chinese restaurants and China town.

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But those restaurants that offer discounts are doing quite well. So many people are lining up to get in. I guess people are not afraid when it comes down to good foods and saving money.

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