Chinese boy, 6, has eyes gouged out in gruesome attack


A six-year-old boy in China had his eyes gouged out, blinding him for life, reports said Tuesday, in a gruesome attack that may have been carried out by a ruthless organ trafficker.

Family members found the boy covered in blood some three to four hours after he went missing while playing outside, according to a television report posted online.

The child's eyes were found nearby but the corneas were missing, reports said, implying that an organ trafficker was behind the harrowing attack.

Police offered a 100,000 yuan ($16,000) reward for information leading to the arrest of the sole suspect, who they said was a woman.

"He had blood all over his face. His eyelids were turned inside out. And inside, his eyeballs were not there," his father told Shanxi Television.

Its report showed the heavily-bandaged boy being taken from an operating theater and placed in a hospital bed, writhing in agony as family members stood at his bedside weeping.

The boy was drugged and "lost consciousness" before the attacker removed his eyes, state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) said on its account on Sina Weibo, China's version of Twitter.

Internet users were outraged by the attack on the boy -- who had a cleft palate -- in Fenxi, in the northern province of Shanxi on Monday.

"This is extraordinarily vicious," said one Sina Weibo user. "How and why could someone be so cruel?"

"A truly tragic boy," said another poster.

About 300,000 patients in China need transplants each year, but only about 10,000 people can get them due to a lack of donors, state media said.

Seven people were jailed last year when a teenager sold a kidney for an illicit transplant operation and used the proceeds to buy an iPhone and iPad.

Child organs are usually more expensive on the black market, an organ trafficker told Sina Internet news portal in 2010, as "most people think the younger the donor is, the better the quality of organs".

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Oh dear god.... what is wrong with these people? Stealing a child's eyes? That mental image is going to haunt me for a good while. This is truly horrific. Monstrous and barbaric... it's just vile.

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I hope they find, arrest this evil group of human organ traffickers and torture them for a while, take out their vital organs and do something creative, like feed them to hungry dogs, etc..while still alive! How can anybody be so cruel! And to a 6 year old little boy?? Monsters!!

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Well I think I know where the boys new eyes could come from if the attacker is caught.

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There is no punishment worthy of this horrific, and evil crime against a harmless, child. I also cannot get that mental image out of my mind, even animals have more respect for living things!

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I seriously wish I hadn't read this... Just when you think human nature couldn't get any worse.

Literally making my eyes water for that poor child.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

I am rarely so shocked and disgusted by things I read online these days but I'm sickened by this to the extreme. Thunderbird2 said it - the image is going to haunt me too. I wish I hadn't read this page now!

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The boy was drugged and "lost consciousness" before the attacker removed his eyes"

That was thoughtful of the attacker. It made it easier to remove his eyes.

Really, how effing low can you get?

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Good lord, it makes me feel sick to my stomach. What monsters. Children can't be safe because people might steal their organs? What's the world coming to? :'(

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The perfectly natural end-result of capitalism. This is why we few real Christians are socialists....

-8 ( +2 / -10 )

beyond words...

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This is taking greed to new extremes. When and if the police manage to catch this guy, I'm sure they'll apply the "eye for an eye" punishment -- with some form of hideous torture thrown in for good measure.

1 ( +3 / -2 )

Truly unbelievable testament to human nature. Fortunately this is a far cry from the norm on this planet.

1 ( +4 / -3 )

From the situation, it looks like the devil was not doing it for the first time. It must have been an experience person who can do such a thing so smoothly.

If ever this person is caught, please remove all his organs whenever possible but don't do it all in one go.... do it one by one at a time so he/she can enjoy his/her own creative works.......

This guy is worse than devil!

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Unspeakable - a six-year-old child. About as low as humans are capable of sinking. The only hope is that this can lead to a crackdown on the illegal organs trade and create awareness of the need for legal organ donors. This will be scant consolation to this monstrously violated child and his distraught parents but jailing this scum while reducing the demand for this foul business is about the best we can make of it.

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This depraved act diminishes our humanity.

Hope this animal, and all in her supply chain, serve long, harsh sentences in the loneliest gulag.

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If one thing makes me think vicious thoughts its actions like these. In a case like this I think the punishment should be equal to the crime.

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This is a really ugly crime but the Chinese have the death penalty and they do harvest organs from convicted criminals who are executed so I think they have the solution if they manage to catch the ghoul(s) responsible.

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The suspect is a woman...for what it's worth. What kind of maternal instincts must she have!!!

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

I can't believe a woman can be so heartless and hurt a child like that, and only for money. It doesn't matters how much money I need, I wold never think about doing such horrible act. And it's hard to believe, but this can happen on any country, even mine, not only China as some people says.

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This is most certainly a cruel act. But how is this more cruel than starving a child, beating a child, sexually enslaving a child, or bullying and abusing a child and force that child to commit suicide?

If that act itself is the source of cruelty, then so is stabbing someone repeatedly, or extracting a kidney from some guy you drugged. Crimes like these rarely escape the cruel intention. That's why some of them are labelled as heinous.

That's why the death penalty is a must as a source of punishment and retribution for society.

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GalapagosnoGairaishu Aug. 27, 2013 - 11:01PM JST

People who rob, or steal (whether money or body parts) or who use the power of their position to exploit others are not practicing capitalism.

Along with all the other “isms”, capitalism exists on a continuum. At one extreme you have an ideal “enlightened” system that affords the maximum benefit for society and at the other end a system of evilly oppressive exploitation that benefits a very few at the expense of the rest.

Between these polar opposites, there are potentially endless possible ways for capitalism to manifest itself. One means of defining what capitalism looks like at any given point on the continuum; is to look at the set of morals and values that govern it. Capitalism itself is amoral; it merely reflects the morals of the practitioner. As practiced by caring and empathetic people capitalism is completely different from the capitalism practiced by ruthless, greedy SOBs.

In this case someone was willing to pay enough for something (a pair of child’s corneas) that someone else was willing to make the effort (abduct and mutilate a 6 year old) to provide it to them, for a profit. Basic capitalism pure and simple, supply and demand. While I’m sure that the majority of people, even Chinese people, see this as a serious deviation from societies norms; it was clearly within the comfort zone of perpetrators and their customers. And we all know there are people out there like that.

Lucabrasi was absolutely correct in stating;

The perfectly natural end-result of capitalism.

That’s true…..disturbing….. but true.

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China has "death vans" or "execution vans". I highly doubt this sort of "operation" could take place on the open street and you must assume that somehow this child escaped. He is very lucky to be alive.

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My initial thoughts regarding modus operandi, perhaps this female perpetrator may have done this before. Very disturbing.

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clinic check out

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