Chinese cities battle COVID as Winter Olympics loom


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Don't give up, China.

Be like Tokyo!

-12 ( +3 / -15 )

At last the Chinese are not taking the virus out of China as they did before...

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I cant wait to see Bejing Winter Olympics! It is going to be a great spectacle!

I know they can handle the virus situation soomthly!

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I have sympathy for the people of China, however, none for the government. Had the Chinese Government had been upfront from the start when they realized there was COVID and stated to the rest of the world they let some virus out this mess would not exist and or to a lesser extent.

8 ( +9 / -1 )

The "zero covid" policy is complete insanity, however the CCP has locked itself into that narrative. Now they have to sleep in the bed they made.

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Today  03:48 pm JSTPosted in: Osaka, Nadal win openers at Australian Open  See in context

Since what they did to Djokovic I don't watch Australia Open, and I don't recommend it to the others who support freedom.

I cant wait to see Bejing Winter Olympics! It is going to be a great spectacle!

I know they can handle the virus situation soomthly!

Are you being sarcastic, Larry Flint? Millions of people have lost their freedom because of Chinese government's zero-covid policy?

9 ( +9 / -0 )

Sheep that are willing to be treated as livestock. A broken society that has suffer so much suppression over the decades that they are now numb to the mistreatment happening to them every day. One day all manner of morals will eventually be eroded in that society.

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Boycott the genocide games.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

In the name of the game or should I say the spirit of the Olympics Omicron continues to go on!

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Zero Covid strategy is the right move after seeing the West struggling with it. Human life is more valuable in China than in the West. China can control the virus, why can’t the West do it? You tell me. Pretty soon it will be million deaths in the US; hey here is the old slogan, “let’s blame China,” and the dead will rest in peace.

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BroJob BiggsJan. 17  11:35 pm JST

Boycott the genocide games.

With Omicron and Delta menacing Chinese cities like it is, having the Winter Olympics there now is absolutely insane. Uighur genocide or not, if I were a US athlete, I just wouldn't go. Life is too precious to risk and endanger, just for hoping to get a chunk of metal placed hanging your chest.

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