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Chinese cities including Beijing report record COVID cases


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16,072 new locally transmitted cases

In the entire country? Well done China!

And being able to continue with positive economic growth is another success story.

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Lockdowns and tough restrictions certainly the way forward. Evidence is clear that they work.

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I doubt China will open the gates to tourists anytime soon. It will never allow its citizens to travel and spend abroad before spending a significant amount of money domestically, so outbound travel will probably remain closed until the end of 2023 at least. China will not be open for another two years?

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How many Chinese are going “crazy” locked up in their apartments. Rumours of people trying to escape.

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This idiotic policy has no evidence that it is working. It's just that Pooh-Bear cannot "bear" to admit that the CCP botched it.

Sino-Vax is ineffective but they cannot stand the humiliation of using a Western Vaccine (that actually works).

The CCP loves the control this gives them to surveal every aspect of each citizen's life.

This policy is doing more to move US manufactuing and supply chains on-shore than anything Cheeto-Jesus said or did in his failed reign.

Sooner or later, Western Supply chains will no longer vulnerable of a geriatric "communist" (really more of a fascist who claims to be a communist) and one of the main sources of inflation - a lack of goods due to a lack of supplier inventories, will be relieved.

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As I predicted, a rise in cases. Yet again. It's now obviously not about containing covid (vaccines would do that) it's about containing the population since the economy is not living up to what was promised.

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Their approach is working, give it time

give it time? so three years have passed and their zero Covid policy hasn’t worked… how much time do you propose they give it? Three more years…? 10? 20?

like the flu virus, this is a virus that will NEVER go away. It’s here to stay.

A zero Covid policy means they will be in lockdown forever

so you are suggesting that?

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Why is China still in the grip of Covid? After almost three (3) years? In Canada, masks were lifted a year ago. And there are no travel restrictions

in the country and, in airports visitors arrive as in normal times.

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As a country with the largest population, it is ethically right for China to take strict virus control measures to prevent the spread of contamination to only its own population but those of other countries . . . .

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As a country with the largest population, it is ethically right for China to take strict virus control measures to prevent the spread of contamination not only to its own population but to those of other countries . . . .

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Chinese controlling the population under the pretence of zero COVID !

It's disgusting!!

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Maybe the only place on earth that did not suffer great losses is Antarctica

sorry, but there were cases at one of the bases there.

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Let china lock themselves down like dprk.

But I noticed that neither Pooh-bear nor his pal Big Joey were wearing masks at the summit today, and they were shaking hands.

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Kind of like endless cycles of getting vaccinated for the 2d, 3rd, 4th, 5th and beyond, time but still seeing skyrocketing infections in Japan, deaths in New Zealand, Australia, the US, etc..

A positive cycle, where people become protected so infections no longer need to become disease and deaths, and with the huge benefit that vaccinating and boosting do not require people to lose their way of living, human rights or access to medical attention like the lockdowns do, something you yourself have recognized as a better alternative.

That is why international experts recommend the zero covid policy as the best way to prevent infections, which in turn results in preventing deaths

Those experts that you can never even name? they don't exist, the international authorities in the field actually recommend vaccines as the best way to deal with the pandemic, with examples like the WHO, CDC, EMA, etc. etc.

The more time passes it has become obvious that millions died unnecessarily while China kept its death rate the lowest in the world

Not even hiding any death by attributing it to any comorbidity allowed China to be the country with the lowest death rate, once equalized to the same system two dozen other countries have lower rates than China (not to mention not having the deaths directly attributable to what you called counterproductive lockdowns).

Countries like the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand---all suffered high numbers of deaths, while China has sustained its zero covid policy with great success.

That does absolutely nothing to negate the fact that countries like Sweden have done much better without having to use lockdowns, an strategy based on vaccines and other measures that allow infections without elevating the risk and that you said was excellent in comparison with lockdowns that do more damage than what they prevent.

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As a country with the largest population, it is ethically right for China to take strict virus control measures to prevent the spread of contamination to only its own population but those of other countries . . . .

If options are available that allow the same or even better protection without the costs of the zero covid policy it becomes unethical to insist on the strategy that cost more for less benefits. And if other countries already practice these better strategies then there is no actual benefit from not getting contagions from China, the other countries populations can be already better protected thanks to effective and safe vaccines.

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MumbaiRocks!Today 03:40 pm JST

Their approach is working, give it time.

No, it isnt working. It may slow down the spread but they have shown they can not stop covid from infecting people. If they do not push a vaccination program with more effective vaccines from the west they will continue to take draconian measures and still not stop covid. The world is living with it because of high vaccination rates in communities, protecting vulnerable people from hospitalization. People still get sick and die, but many less die or are hospitalized. If the world was also trying to be zero covid their approach would make sense.

Being the only nation attempting zero covid, but still allowing people to enter China, and to maintain trade imports, will allow covid into the country. You cant have your cake and eat it too. You can not keep borders open and trade going and expect zero covid.

Time for China to reinforce vaccines and stop its lockdowns or the peoples anger and resentment will grow until it explodes.

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Every country can decide how to deal with these issues.

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Countries like the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand---all suffered high numbers of deaths, while China has sustained its zero covid policy with great success.

Australia and New Zealand HAVE NOT suffered high numbers of deaths.

Australia has had 15,870 deaths from 10.5 million cases. 0.00151

China has had 5,226 deaths from only 1.12 million cases. 0.00466

Ratio of infected to deaths is higher in China than Australia. A difference that can be attributed to better vaccination rates with more effective vaccines.

New Zealand has had 2,154 deaths from 1.89 million cases. 0.00113

UK has had 211,000 deaths from 24 million cases. 0.00879

US has had 1.07 million deaths from 97.8 million cases. 0.01094

China has done better on total lives lost, but on ratios of illness to death it lags behind NZ and Australia.

The damage to peoples incomes and lives in China has been among the worlds worst, if not the worst, and it is ongoing. In most cases China provided no financial assistance to those under lockdown and those who lost employment. Australia spent many billions on supporting its people under the same situation of lock downs and loss of employment.

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People saying what a success China is having are forgetting an important fact - in terms of getting a large percentage protected through a combination of high quality vaccines and large numbers actually catching the virus and highly vulnerable people succumbing to it, they are not through it to anywhere near the extent that the rest of the world is. They can carry on with their zero COVID policy for however many decades they see fit, but all the while people slowly but surely continue to catch it and die and in the meantime everywhere else fewer and fewer people will die of it as immunity continues to improve. Either that will happen and over the course of many years, their numbers of deaths will catch up with everywhere else, or they will get rid of the zero COVID policy and loads will get it and die all at once, or the virus will further mutate so that even their strict controls won't be able to hold it back any longer and loads will die in a short space of time.

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