Chinese director investigated for having 7 kids


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Well this is going to be interesting.

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Seems to me he was 4 couples and so not too over the limit.

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It wouldn't surprise me if he emigrated to Canada.

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You know a government is twisted when it dictates how many children a couple may or may not have.

Since the ladies are not all wives, it doesn't fit the legal definition, does it?

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yes but its only one child to each of the mothers!?

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Should have got the Cut! before Action!

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has had relationships with four women resulting in seven children.

I had no idea that having a relationship causes childbirth. All this time I'd been thinking it was sex that did it.

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That's a lot of baby mamas!

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Sounds like he is a typical deadbeat dad for 7 children.

A man like this has no shame, no responsibility and no accountability to others in humanity. A worst scum in society.

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He makes $13 million a year? I didn't know China has an equivalent of the U.S. Hollywood overpaid film directors.

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His fine under China's one child law is about what he'd be paying in child suppoort if he were nailed in a US court.

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$13M a year for producing crap movies? I should be a movie director in China and I'll do it for only $10M.

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should have got the Cut! before Action!


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"limit most urban couples to one child and allow two children for rural families if their first-born is a girl"

Urban couple to rural couple friends: "Congratulations on the birth of your daughter."

Rural couple: Thanks, but we're going to try to have a boy one more time. Too bad you guys can't try again.

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How many female abortions with this jerk!

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Farewell my concubines?? Chinese males will either applaud him for sticking it up to the authorities; its the kind of thing theyd all do if they could get away with it. Or, fuelled by jealousy, they`ll demand his head on a platter.

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