China urges 'calm' as anti-Western protests continue


Fresh anti-Western protests flared in several Chinese cities Sunday as people vented anger over pro-Tibet demonstrations along the Olympic torch relay. State media appealed for calm in an apparent attempt to dampen the nationalistic fervor.

Over the weekend, protesters waving Chinese flags have rallied in front of the French Embassy in Beijing and at outlets of French retailer Carrefour in nine cities across the country. They have threatened boycotts of the retailer, whom they accuse of supporting the Dalai Lama, Tibet's exiled spiritual leader — a charge Carrefour denies.

A front-page editorial in the People's Daily newspaper, the official mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party, called for calm, urging people to cherish patriotism "while expressing it in a rational way."

"As citizens, we have the responsibility to express our patriotic enthusiasm calmly and rationally and express patriotic aspiration in an orderly and legal manner," the commentary said.

The editorial seemed to reflect concern among China's leaders about a growing anti-Western backlash, fueled by anger over the demonstrations in Paris, London and San Francisco during the Olympic torch relay. The relay has become a magnet for protests against China's rule in Tibet and its human rights record.

Barry Sautman, a political scientist at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said the government is trying to rein in the demonstrations in order to ensure calm and project an inviting image ahead of the Beijing Olympics in August.

"That's why they want demonstrations to be very short," Sautman said. "They want to wrap them up as soon as possible so they can go on to restore the image of China as welcoming to people around the world."

He said that Beijing's move to rein in the budding nationalism follows similar patterns seen in the past, such as in 1999 when anti-U.S. outrage erupted after the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade and in 2001 when a U.S. spy plane collided with a Chinese fighter jet.

"The government allows people to vent their spleen but then immediately reins it in," Sautman said. "They are certainly afraid it will go too far."

On Sunday, more than 1,000 demonstrators carrying banners gathered for a second day in the tourist city of Xi'an in front of a Carrefour, chanting "Oppose Tibet Independence," "Go China," and "Condemn CNN," the official Xinhua news agency reported.

Protests also continued in central Wuhan for a second day, when another 2,000 people, mostly students, waved the Chinese flag and sang the national anthem.

Rallies also were staged in the cities of Harbin, Dalian, and Jinan. An estimated 1,000 demonstrators blocked traffic in Dalian, while another 1,000 protesters in Harbin held up at a 33-foot-long banner in support of the Olympics, Xinhua said.

Xinhua reported that one protest organizer in Xi'an, identified as Wu Sheng, said the demonstrations were not necessarily aimed at pushing customers to boycott Carrefour.

"We do not support a boycott of French companies because the economy is globalizing. We chose Carrefour's front doors only because we draw more attention there," Wu was quoted as saying.

In an interview published in Journal du Dimanche, Carrefour's chief executive Jose Luis Duran said the company is "taking the situation very seriously," though its earnings had not yet been affected.

With 2 million Chinese customers, "we cannot take the reaction of some of our clients lightly," he said. "It must be understood that a large part of the Chinese population has been very shocked by the incidents that have peppered the passage of the Olympic torch through Paris."

Duran denied rumors spread on the Internet that Carrefour supports the Dalai Lama, saying the company has never supported any political or religious cause. The retailer is the second-largest "hypermarket" in the world after Wal-Mart Stores Inc. It has 122 stores in China employing 44,000 people.

The protests began Saturday, erupting in Beijing and five other major cities — Hefei, Wuhan, Kunming, Xi'an, and Qingdao.

In Beijing, small protests broke out at one Carrefour and outside the French Embassy as well as the Beijing French School. Dozens of police, some in riot gear, quickly dispersed the crowd in front of the embassy.

Anger also has been channeled against Western media organizations, including CNN, for so-called "distorted" coverage of recent unrest in Tibet and neighboring provinces. Foreign journalists have received threatening phone calls and e-mails.

Several thousand ethnic Chinese marched outside CNN's office in Hollywood Saturday to demand the firing of a commentator who recently compared China's leaders to a "bunch of goons and thugs."

CNN insists its coverage has been impartial and has said it refutes allegations that it "distorts its coverage of the events in Tibet to portray either side in a more favorable light."

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Pro-China behavior in the form of protests and demonstrations carried out by Chinese in other countries merely works to create an even more negative image of China than what the West already has. It's rather remarkable that none of them seem to realize this.

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That's ok, so long protests are carried out peacefully. Now regardless of Western Bias against China, People of China are proud of their leaders and more united than other countries. It is not out of fear or force by the authorities, my personal observation during my long stay there.

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In London, meanwhile, nearly 1,000 students and others took to the street in front of the national parliament building by 11 a.m. with some of them holding signs that read ‘‘BBC is a liar.’’

The last time I remember such a phenomenon was during the 1979 Iranian Revolution when Iranian nationals protested host government support for the Shah's government.

a rally took place around the French Embassy. Some 15 vehicles painted with slogans such as ‘‘China owns Tibet’’ drove back and forth, honking.

A better way to put it would be, "China claims sovereignty over Tibet." It's a claim, moreover, that is recognized by every government which has diplomatic relations with the PRC.

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In the U.S. many Chinese (and even multi generational Chinese Americans that have been in the U.S. for over a hundred years) have been protesting in favor of China. They are making it a racial issue, as if anything remotely critical of China is bigoted. That is their right, and maybe there is some form of bigotry in this bandwagon cause. But Ossan is right, it does give thought as to what matters most to you, your adopted country, country you were born in, racial/ethnic ties, or what is right.

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"A better way to put it would be, "China claims sovereignty over Tibet." It's a claim, moreover, that is recognized by every government which has diplomatic relations with the PRC."

Nobody ever disputed that Japan owned the entire Korean penninsula from 1910 onwards either.

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And chinese media is never biased toward the west, so the western media is all the more evil. Never forget that.

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Paledoll hit it on the head. We should all get our facts from the Chinese media. They are the only ones telling the truth and how it really is.

HA! I feel like a 12 year old trying to lie and keep a straight face at the same time.

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"We should all get our facts from the Chinese media"

Xinhua, CCTV and DPRK's Radio Press; do we need any other "truth" sources?

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Ossan, Name one country which has diplomatic relations with Tibet? There aren't any. By contrast Taiwan is recognized as a de facto independent entity (with which many countries have unofficial relations).

I think casting those participating in these marches as Chinese-Americans, or Europeans of Chinese ethnicity is a misnomer. The vast majority are PRC nationals abroad. Their ties are to their homeland, not the host country country whose actions they are protesting....

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Xinhua, CCTV and DPRK's Radio Press; do we need any other "truth" sources?

You are overlooking an important difference (and I'm not referring to content). North Koreans also exhibit a high degree of nationalism. But their country is isolated from the rest of the world and they've had no opportunity to hear the other side. This is, of course, the choice of their government.

By contrast, PRC nationals abroad, and many Chinese who have not been abroad, do have access to alternative sources of information. Yet they insist on denouncing those alternative sources as "biased" and have chosen to steadfastly stick by their own government's account. Yet their government is also actively promoting economic integration with those nations whose media and business interests are being denounced. There's a lot of implications to this which do not apply to North Korea.

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Some 15 vehicles painted with slogans such as ‘‘China owns Tibet’’ drove back and forth, honking.

Just not a good idea...

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The Chinese communist government pumps them full of nationalistic propaganda from day one. This propaganda is much more subtle than before but no less powerful. They believe they are being pro-China but it is really pro-communist policy and not in their best long-term interests. Hence you never see Chinese burning their own flag in protest.

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Mark Twain's famous observation "Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it" is not something Chinese raised under the red flag can appreciate.

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France allows both pro and anti Chinese demonstrations.

The unelected Chinese government tolerates anti-French protests in China, but murders its own citizens if they demonstrate for free elections in China.

If the Chinese living in Paris want to protest about media bias, how about protesting against Chinese censorship of anything to do with the Tiananmen Square massacre? The hypocrisy of these people is breathtaking.

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fully support them, Chinese do have right to vent their angers against those biased media and governments.

This event is completely different from 6.4 19 years ago, this time, chinese people and government are on the same line, those media and governments should apologize to them.

Also I believe the whole event was nothing about the "freedom" and "human rights", actually both France, US and Japan also have serious human rights issue, not the only issue in China, the KEY issue is: this event was designed by CIA, the objective is to destroy OLympics in China and make riots in China, those smart people should see thru this immediately, only those stupid people believe it is human rights issue.

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no doubts at all - I fully support the tibetan people in their uprising which has a very clear goal - SELF DETERMINATION AND FREEDOM -

chinesese demonstration - so what- let them demonstate a much and as long as they want -who knows, maybe some day, sooner or later, they will demonstrate for human rights in china - free and independent trade unions - a free media - the people can form their own political organization, which would be certainly one of the most important steps - of course it will take a long way to go for them. thanks again again for Mr.Fukudas comment - TIBET IS AN INTERNATIONAL ISSUE - yes, indeed it is - tashi delek - rangzen

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They are making it a racial issue

No, the western media and protesters made it a racial issue when they concentrated on the plight of the Tibetans. Ethnic Hans can also suffer if they step out of line, follow the wrong religion, don't sell their houses/land, etc. But I don't see any support for that, nor for those who were killed or injured in the riots in Tibet.

I don't like the Chinese government, but unlike you, I don't hate the ordinary Chinese person for being Chinese.

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Long live the brave Tibetan freedom fighters in their courageous struggle against the chinese invaders. Boycott the invaders' olympics. Who needs it?? Anyway, the athletes can save their health by not having to breathe in the foul polluted chinese air.

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By the way, Good on them!

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HELLO - do make it quite clear and understandable to our chinese friends, too - I don't hate THE CHINESE - believe me or not if I would have the chance to have a talk/discussion with Mr.Hu Jintao, of course I would talk with him -:) I would talk with him conc the various issues - human rights in china and tibet, free independent trade unions(one of most important isssues on which we have to work on!) - and I don't have to drink this mao-tai stuff. but if he would start to give me some of these chinese ideological lectures.. well, than I rather would prefer to discuss the chinese re-education program in tibet - and would ask him to stop it immeadiately. unfortunately, the foreign ministers of the EU will not me the dalai-lama - french foreign minister bernard kouchner made this proposal, to invite the dalai-lama.

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CCP must be very proud of their achievements in controlling the chinese population: Tibet is chinese territory,it is an internal affair,Dalai Lama is evil,protest against western media but be calm ,caaalm ,not too much it may damage trade ...all in the name of patriotism! Chinese in china is completely under CCP control,but overseas chinese who pro- Beijing must ask themselves this question:we enjoy immensely freedom of speech in the West, why should CCP kick out all foreign journalists from Tibet in the beginning?Why don't CCP let Tibetans speak their minds?

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If China doesn't urge 'calm', all things French will be burnt down. I saw so many police in front of a Carrefour store in Beijing yesterday.

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This is a point of caution to be considered by the Chinese government. I think the Chinese government has or is about to over-play the Nationalism card.

International protests about the Chinese Olympics have come in quite handy for the Chinese government; everything that fans and rouses nationalism fervor distracts the Chinese people from other pressing issues such as pollution, environmental disasters, land being taken by the government to build Olympic facilities (such as the Bird's Nest, which caused many citizens to give askance looks), and money diverted for the Olympics effort.

However... if the flame of nationalism, no doubt fanned fervently by Chinese government mouthpieces, gets out of control and more boycotts form, and larger anti-Western demonstrations take place, the potential foreign visitors to attend the Olympics in China may become frightened for their lives and don't travel to China to attend the Olympics.

I do suppose the Chinese government itself will use force to repress the nationalist demonstrators if they get out of control or even if they just become an eyesore. It's very smart from the Chinese demonstrators so far, to remain peaceful demonstrators. I guess their leaders are aware that at some point, their government will send in reins to make them back off if they are not peaceful. However, however... such nationalistic masses (and not only in the case of Chinese, but every single nation around the world) usually DO GET out of control. Windows get smashed and cars burned. We will see how this one develops. I hope the tragedies will remain minimum.

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Azrael, you need not to worry about this. China is governed by smart and well-educated leaders, unlike those ELECTED leaders in the west, such as the French president.

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As people have pointed out, Chinese people holding demonstrations in other countries makes them look absolutely ridiculous.

Message to Chinese people... try holding a demonstration about something in Tiananmen Square and see what happens! Think about it... what does it tell you about your government?!

In my country we have the right to object to things we disagree with and organize a demonstration to make public our feelings. It's nice to see that Chinese people are making use of these basic freedoms, but don't they wonder why they can't do so within China itself?! Are they so brainwashed that they will accept any old garbage their "leaders" tell them?

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Competitive sporting events and politics have a long history of interaction in the PRC. This will be brought to light in a book being written by a longtime US resident who came from China to pursue graduate study in the late 1980s and is in a position to shed some light on Chinese behavior abroad in reaction to the torch relay being run off the road. Now an American citizen, his thinking is still very infused by what he was taught in China:

Imagine the scandal that would ensue if the White House pressured a U.S. athlete in an international sporting event to lose to a competitor from a country the Administration was courting.

Talk about bad press.

Decades ago in China, this sort of activity was common, according to history professor Guanhua Wang, who is working on a book about the history of organized sports in China.

The book will look in particular at the 1960’s to the 1990’s.

Wang says it will document how a centralized government micromanaged athletics and tried to advance social and political goals by promoting and glorifying sport.

Sports, says Wang, was one way for China to unite its people as they followed a new government down the road to modernization.

He’s not critical of the government for its manipulation of sports, because he believes its motives were “genuine, arduous, and even heroic.”

But, he adds, its activities constitute “a mixed legacy.

“The state has been successful at using sports for political purposes, enhancing the nation’s identity,”....

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"Are they so brainwashed that they will accept any old garbage their "leaders" tell them?"

To a great extent, unfortunately, Yes. Some go even further claiming a western conspiracy. China could have put this issue quietly to rest by opening dialogue with the Dalai Lama at an early stage. They refused to and now the chances of salvaging the Beijing Olympics looks even more remote. Most of this caused by the stubborn position of the CCP govt and now the inane nationalism of the Chinese people. At this point, they should cancel the Olympics. Westerners aren't going to want to go to China. Why risk being targeted by anti-western mobs? Besides, we all know that miraculously for the first time in Olympic history, China is going to win the greatest number of gold medals anyway. Can anyone imagine any other outcome acceptable to China today?

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Ossan, can you imagine some of the nightmare scenarios that the "patriots" may have drawn up if the French wins a medal event at the Olympics?

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There is one strange thing. Usually, when the people assemble to demonstrate in China, they are immediately surrounded by the police or military and controlled. Chinese people are just not allowed to demonstrate. But this time, there were many demonstrations in different cities in China at the same time. I wonder if they weren’t orchestrated by the Chinese government.

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Nope, you're still wrong Pukey. The Chinese protestors in America ARE making it a racial issue. It's simple, they perceive any and all criticism of the Chinese government or its actions as an attack on the Chinese race and culture. That is why they are upset and protesting. Do you think ethnic Chinese in other countries would be protesting if some other country were being continuously attacked? Nope, and they could care less because it doesn't involve their race or country. So it is a racial issue. Easy. And for the record I have never said or wrote anything hateful against Chinese people or any other group of people here. But of course it's always easy to accuse others without any ounce of proof.

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What disturbs me is that when a Chinese guy makes a documentary that offends Japanese nationalists or a Japanese guy gets beaten in anti-Japanese riots in China, a dozen guys may show up to a movie theatre or embassy in a black bus and make lots of noise, but when people outside China protest in a show of concern for the human rights of Chinese people, tens of thousands of people mobilize like this nationwide.

This is nationalism out of control - exactly like Japan had before and during WWII, and like some people are a afraid of, it is going to put China into some embarrassing situations when thousands o fangry right-wing Chinese vent their nationalism during the Olympics, at the countries that they think have offended Chinese honor. How are the authorities going to stop these people from booing and throwing garbage at the teams of these countries at the opening ceremony and throughout the Olympics, because if the Asian Soccer games and other recent events are any indication, we are in for a wild ride of nationalist hysteria.


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This is nationalism out of control - exactly like Japan had before and during WWII"

I agree, but as long as Japan has a leading role in the world, China will get a pass. That is scary. I have been noticing China become more and more a very over zealous nationalist country for a while now.

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are they so brainwashed that they will accept any old garbage their "leaders" tell them?" To a great extent, unfortunately, Yes.

I think "close minded" would be a better way to describe it. Once someone develops such a mindset they simply don't want to entertain opposing points of view and resort to attacking the patriotism of those who make them. Most Chinese, morever, lack the broad knowledge which would enable them to spot blatantly unfair attacks, be it against the Dalai Lama, the French, or the Western press.

What they feel the Western press has ignored is that life expectancy has doubled since the Chinese liberated the Tibetans from a feudal social order that included serfdom. What they are unable to honestly address is the issue of self-determination. How many Tibetans have been killed, jailed or forced to flee because they raised objections to Chinese rule?

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many anti-China people are becoming nervous and greedy when China is on a right track to become stronger, Chinese people really wants hold a successful Olympic,they welcome all guests from everywhere sincerely. I 'm sure human being are same on a sport event,people like to use this chance to know different culture,make intl friends.Unfortunately,many people mix politics with Olympics,it's really awful.

China exactly knows what's going on in West, Xinhua says Chinese people should not be too distracted by those anti-China acts, we should mainly focus on how to make Olympic be successful and perfect,the good conclusion of game will be the most powerful answers for those who slams and smears China maliciously.

Be realistic,gaijins, and welcome a rising power-Greater CHINA, if you wear colorful glasses to read China, you'll never know what 's real China. China has never interfered with EU and US internal issues,be with your own biz,and China knows how to goveren its people,and lead to success.

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China is a Communist state that practicing "the end justifies the means". Chinese in the West are protesting, ha ha....! I wonder if the Tibetans have the right to protest like them in China? How about protesting against the copy right of products by the Chinese? C'mon, China will have a good face v when they start to understand the value of human dignity & freedom. When?

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China is a Communist state that practicing "the end justifies the means". Chinese in the West are protesting, ha ha....! I wonder if the Tibetans have the right to protest like them in China? How about protesting against the copy right of products by the Chinese? Come on, China will have a good face v when they start to understand the value of human dignity & freedom. When?

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China is a Communist state that practicing "the end justifies the means". Chinese in the West are protesting, ha ha....! I wonder if the Tibetans have the right to protest like them in China? How about protesting against the copy right of products by the Chinese? Come on, China will have a good face v when they start to understand the value of human dignity & freedom. When?

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before anyone starts calling those of us who are oppose to China's policies, let's get a few facts straight.. How many people with any sort of control in China are non-Chinese? How many people have taken up Chinese citizenship and are granted all rights?

China is a very homo genius society. Homo genius does equal nationalism, which can also be interpreted as racist.

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I don't know if anyone can see it, but this "scheme" can be analyzed at the geopolitical level - I have some inside tidbits. In the long term, the PRC and others should examine and try to emulate this method - it is sophisticated where it fools most. I am impressed, though it is not good for the Olympics nor regional development. Hopefully, those in elite positions keep calm and see it as it is, "the great game".

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It should be added that the previous posts and others like it, as well as the ability to affect events in real time has produced movies,a tv series, and US Agency reactions about my actions. They were calling me on the phone for over 6months asking for Nicklaus Hel from the book, "Shibumi".

I have been assigned to make sure the Asia-Pacific region develops via peace and prosperity. We are doing it.

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This is a real pickle for China:

Our citizens have the right to friendly protest.

The Tibetian citizens want their freedom.

Keep the Tibetians out of the news.

Bad news is a loss of attendence.

Stop the Chinese citizens before they go too far.

Security problems means less attendence.

Excellent Propoganda can be gleemed from the upcoming Olympics if China can keep it under control.

But then there is the outside problems with getting the Olympic Flame to China. That's not a pretty scenerio either.

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Stop the Chinese citizens before they go too far.

In fact they've turned on their own. The handicapped torch bearer who was attacked by several individuals, including a woman drapped in a Tibetan flag, has now gone from heroine to traitor. Her crime? Questioning a boycott of the French supermarket chain on the grounds it will hurt its largely Chinese staff. What is the response in Chinese cyberspace:

from Dalian: “This c*nt’s attitude is the same one the Qing rulers had after the Eight Allied Forces came. What was the result then? Are you capable of representing the Great Han Race? Do you what you’re supposed to do!”

from Chengdu: “Someone goes to France once and it’s like she thinks she’s French. Jin Jing speaks with the voice of an utterly brainless evil-eyed wolf traitor. No wonder her original work unit wanted to get rid of her.”

from Jiangmen, Guangdong: “Jin Jing??? A cultureless, brainless stupid c*nt!!! And she’s a torch bearer…I demand we rip the torch from her hands!!!”

As the Chinese blogger, a voice of sanity, not to mention humanity, observes in response to these comments: A few days ago, Jin Jing was a hero because of her courage in the face of attacks from [splittists], but today she becomes a traitor because her conscience led her to point out reality: a boycott of Carrefour will harm the Chinese people who work there. Even if she’s wrong, it’s her right to freely express what she thinks. Why curse her so crudely?

In my opinion, the harm done to her here is worse by far than the harm done her by the [splittists]. These nationalists are attacking her for her handicap, launching inhumane personal assaults on her....

In the eyes of the nationalists, Chinese workers losing their jobs—losing the money they need to support their families—is a matter of no consequence. For love of country, everybody should be willing to starve to death before going to work for a foreign company. This leaves me speechless....As long as you love your country, it’s OK to dispense with humanity, dispense with basic respect for other people, dispense with basic respect for the dignity and spirit of a handicapped girl?

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wow! the Olympic flame is making china pretty hot now!

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what a farce the olympics game are going to be. That is, if the athletes can even breathe the foul polluted chinese air.

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Nationalism extends from strong family-orientated societies - where a unit in society is the family and rarely the individual. That's why East Asian countries tend to possess a stronger and more sensitive national identity than the west. Bottomline is nationalism is tradition and culture.

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Nationalism extends from strong family-orientated societies - where a unit in society is the family and rarely the individual.

The Chinese in fact did a lot to break those family ties and make the individual's primary identification with the state, or CCP really. Children publicly denounced their parents during the Cultural Revolution, for example.

Strident nationalism is easy to inculcate when people are taught to look at themselves as victims. While the Opium War was hardly the West's finest hour, the Chinese have been agressors too, this is the view of the Tibetan people (among others).

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Triple888 - I disagree.

1) I think that China generally has one of the most individualistic cultures in Asia 2) China went through a 20 year long process of destroying its traditions and culture (superstition and feudalism as it was seen)

Yet, judging simply by the scale of participation nationalist demonstrations seem to draw, it seems easy to conclude that it is far and away more nationalistic than Japan at least, and I would guess many other parts of Asia also.

My take is that the communists substituted nationalism for those traditions that they campaigned to wipe out - loyalty to the nation and the CCP and not to old fashioned superstitions that held China back and allowed it to be bullied for centuries by foreign powers. I think nationalism seems to have been instilled in the place of all those traditions and culture that the communists systematically wiped out.


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Bottomline is nationalism is tradition and culture.

Everybody knows that CCP utilizes nationalism as its centripetal force to rule China. And it's been quite successful. Compared with decades ago, the Chinese people are now freer about how they speak and behave. By being enabled to give full play to their entrepreneurship and talent, they are getting richer and seemingly happier. No doubt theirs is a better government than its predecessors. So scarcely any reason for them to complain.

What bothers, however, or what feels weird to outsiders is the fact that they don't have voting rights yet. Suffrage was realized in 1925 in Japan, 57 years after the feudal system ended. In China no universal suffrage has been realized yet nearly 100 years after Qing collapsed. Does nationalism allow or blind it? Bottom line seems more aptly to be: No citizens exist in China but only the supreme ruler (CCP) and its people. It is their tradition and culture. The scheme of things don't change out there for thousands of years. So they may think as there're no political rights even for Han Chinese, what's the big deal about Tibetans?

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in this day and age their is no such thing as sensoring because of the net,any kid can outwiz a govmnt . on you tube you can see how american solders hve fun killing helpless iraqis and humlate their moms in their homes and call them terrorists in their houses. you can also see how prisoners are being abused in china and cuba and iraq . chemical waepons were used against iraqis in faluga and najaf. nothing is a secret anymore. chinese people see what their goverment does to the tibetons but they choose to turn a blind eye to the matter the same way americans turned a blind eye to bush. in the end one person cant fix the world but with the power of the net and the kind human conciance I choose to be optimistic and wait untill every one realises the truth. but for now i shal continue waching one piece.bye bye.

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First the CCP lies to the Chinese people about the Olympic Flame Relay and the trouble it is in world wide. Then the CCP organizes anti-Western demonstrations that could not possibly be spontaneous popular reactions to the fabricated glowing reports about how wonderfully the Torch is being received around the world. Then the the CCP calls on these paid (or intimidated) demonstrators to cool it before their fervor dissuades foreigners from wanting to visit for the Olympics.

This tangle of lies will all come crashing down one day soon. And perhaps the Relay and the Games may be the beginning of the end. If the CCP treats foreign athletes and visitors during the Olympics the same way it treats its own people and minorities as a matter of course, the hosting of the Olympics may in the end prove to be the biggest mistake ever made by the CCP.

And kudos to the Japanese government for keeping the Communist Torch Thugs out of Japan.

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If the Chinese really will boycott Carrefour i may eventually get in and do some shopping in peace rather than the mayhem it usually is, or is it just hot air!!!! please boycott Tesco's !!!

0 ( +0 / -0 )

IndyInJapan, CCP did not organize anti-western demonstrations,anti-western kind of feeling is pervasive these days amid ordinary chinese citizens.and i believe CCP do not favor any type of demonstrations whether it is pro-china or anti-china.cos once protestation goes on,somehow things are easily going out of control.

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Hi my name is Celal. I'm working to be export executive in a company in Turkey. First of all In my opinion World and West will forget these when the olimpi. games will have come. Generally it cant be change. In these days every countries cant accept these affairs which is being occured in Tibet. But World every time forget. If World dont forget these in this time and the past peoples can live in peace. In these days we can see peace??? No Why world didnt draw lessons form the past. We can provide any connection between the personalty and these affairs. We dont need any comment.

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Guys,if you don't know China well,go there first,and then i'm sure you'll 've more resourses to comment on China.

Many people only see China's negative sides, they never use mind to think why China can be a strong power within decades. When you come to China, you'll know people's life is indeed promoted. China is on a right track towards arise,See is real,listen sometimes is fake.

Many WEST power use Olympic and Xizang cards to hurt China,on contrary,China really uses heart and sincerity to prepare game,and welcome guests with smiles. The spontaenous protests occured in China is not targeting foreigners,ONLY those anti-China guys.

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I've been to China and I know that they are torturing little kittens! Do I need to say more?!

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I carefully read these comments trying to find out some facts and fact based comments. But I feel so disappointed. I thought people in Japantoday are independent thinker. Can anybody just tell me what really happened in Tibet? Is there any vedio? I saw a lot of criticism here. It sounds like you all know that place, its history and current status. But, sorry, I didn't see any facts here. Without facts, the comments are bullsh**. sorry.

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Can anybody just tell me what really happened in Tibet? Is there any vedio? I saw a lot of criticism here. It sounds like you all know that place, its history and current status. But, sorry, I didn't see any facts here. Without facts, the comments are bullsh. sorry.**

farmerinus, the following facts may of help to you

The Tibetan population under his Holiness's rule was merely 1.2 million in the 50s. According to census, the population of Tibetans in 2000 was 2.62 million.

The infant mortality rate under His holiness's rule was 430 per thousand. Today the infant mortality rate in Tibet is below 35 per thousand thankful to the so called genocide of China.

Tibetan couple has no limit of how many children they can have while the Han couple is allowed only one.

Tibetan peasants and farmers do not pay any tax while the Han peasants and farmers do.

The life expectancy in Tibet has almost doubled in the past half century rising from 35.5 years to 67


The mortality rate in Tibet had fallen from 28 per thousand in 1951 to 6.9 per thousand in 1998

In old Tibet, there were no schools in modern sense. By the end of 2004, there were 1010 schools.

The attendance rate of school-age children in Tibet had increased from two percent in 1951 to 94.7

percent in 2004.

The illiteracy rate of the youth and middled aged in Tibet had dropped from 95 percent in 1951 to 22

percenet in 2004

The minimum score for Tibetans to enter a regular university in 2007 is only 225, while for Han

peoople it's 370.

Tibetan students also enjoy a lot of special rates for tuition fees while Han students don't.

The number speaks the turth!

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oldquo you are a comedian. i just can't believe what you have presented here. This way of looking at information may work in China but has hardly a chance here where unimpeded access to information is available. Haha, you have taken information about the state of Tibet in the 1950s and is trying to use it to justify Chinese repressive rule today. Claiming that all these improvement since the 1950s have everything to do with China.

It is as if it would have been a static place in Tibet while the rest of the world marched on. A close looked at China in the 1950s would most likely have produced a similar finding. The 50 million people who starved to death under the great leap forward simply knows no comparison in human suffering. The millions purged under Mao I suppose would still have no equal today. Please man you simply don't know what you are talking about.

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. This way of looking at information may work in China but has hardly a chance here where unimpeded access to information is available.

Everton2, I am glad to hear that. So if you care for the Tibetans so much, why don't you dig for more information yourself before arriving at any conclusions?

Tibetan is just a member of the big Chinese family that has 56 ethnic groups. Tibetans are happy here and we Han Chineses are happy too. You leave us alone, please.

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For all you out there, here are the facts about the truth! Read this before you judge & make personal opinions on whether Tibet should be free from China.

The following text is from Wikepedia, so you can check it out on the site.

"Tibet is a plateau region in Central Asia and the home to the indigenous Tibetan people. With an average elevation of 4,900 metres (16,000 ft), it is the highest region on Earth and is commonly referred to as the "Roof of the World." Geographically, UNESCO and Encyclopædia Britannica[1] consider Tibet to be part of Central Asia, while several academic organizations consider it part of South Asia.

The region was unified in the seventh century by King Songtsän Gampo. In the 13th century Tibet became a part of Mongol-ruled Chinese empire and four centuries later Tibet was further incorporated into China in the Qing Dynasty.[2] The Dalai Lama lineage was established in 1578, and rose to political power during the times of the 5th Dalai Lama (1617-1682)[3]. In 1653, the "Dalai Lama" became an official title, as it is recognized by the Qing government[4]. In 1751 the emperor of Qing Dynasty decreed that the Dalai Lama and the Qing amban should exercise power jointly[5]. Between the 17th century and 1951, the Dalai Lama and his regents were the predominant political power administering religious and administrative authority[6] over large parts of Tibet from the traditional capital Lhasa.

In 1912 the 13th Dalai Lama unilaterally declared separation from China.[2] but two years later the Tibetans accepted nominal subordination to China.[7] From 1912 to 1950, Tibet possessed de facto independence,[8] although no nation has ever recognized Tibet as independent[9][10]. In 1951, under Chinese military pressure, Beijing and the Tibetan government signed an agreement reintegrating Tibet.[11] The 14th Dalai Lama, the head of the Tibetan government in exile believes that in order for it to modernize, Tibet must remain within the People's Republic of China, although he also wants China to give "a full guarantee of preservation of Tibetan culture." " .......END OF QUOTE FROM WIKIPEDIA.



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China is gradually making an effort to improve all aspects of life for it's people. They are only beginning to develop and is taking it step by step. It's the only way to avoid chaos. Total reform doesn't happen over night especially for a nation as large as China. It requires alot of time. Please be patient with China. It's really not easy to govern such a huge nation. It's naive of foreign nations to tell China what to do when they are only governing a nation with a much smaller population.

Ultimately, please give China more time to improve whilst reflecting on your own nations mistakes & short comings! None of us can claim to be perfect & free of error!!

Sadly, the Olympics has been hijacked & the atheletes ripped off from the attention it deserves. So many people are focusing on the negative aspects. There are positive progress that China has made too to improve the quality of life for their people including Tibet and I know there is more to be done.

The Olympics is a time for nations to join hands and share the joy of the athletes accomplishments/dreams & NOT a political platform.

China is making a concerted effort to do their best to be a gracious host & to share their culture, if only you allow it to.

Let's focus on the positive, celebrate sports & lift the Olympic spirits!

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China is the kinda nation that has never historically waged war against another nation! However, many nations have invaded and waged war against China for selfish reasons. Why didn't these nations talk about human rights then? The damage done to China can hardly compare with the the mistakes China has made.

China has long being trying to pick up the mess from war & invasion from other nations. They are beginning to delveop & improve so give them a break & stop picking on them!

For your information, the communist government only formed after Japan tried to invade China and brutally killed & raped hundreds of thousands of people in just Nanjing city alone. If it weren't for the communist, China would have been completely invaded by the Japanese imperialist goverments desire to conquer the world during the

Check the Wikeipedia enclopedia at the following site:

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continuing from the previous post.

If it weren't for the communist, China would have been completely invaded by the Japanese Emperors desire to conquer the world during WORLD WAR II.

If you don't believe all this, check out the following article/link from JapanToday.

To make it easy for you, I have copied and paste the article for you:

"Former Japanese soldier who served in China regrets atrocities

Tuesday, December 4, 2007 at 06:50 EST HONG KONG - A former Japanese Imperial Army soldier said Monday he regrets atrocities committed by his compatriots during World War II and will continue to spread antiwar messages to Japanese people to prevent a repetition of past mistakes. Kiyoshi Sakakura, 87, who served in the army's 59th Division, made the remarks in an address to over 100 students and members of the public at a forum held at Hong Kong University to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Japan's invasion of China.

Sakakura said that while he used to think he and his fellow soldiers were fighting for a war for their emperor, he later realized they were merely invading a neighboring country. Regarding Japanese politicians who have in recent years tried to refute that Nanjing Massacre ever occurred and denied the existence of sex slaves known euphemistically as comfort women, Sakakura said such comments "cannot be forgiven." "We hope Japan will sincerely apologize and improve the Sino-Japanese relationship. I will continue to make public statements so that past mistakes will not repeat themselves," he said. (Kyodo News)

Click the link below to view this article and related discussions on Japan Today

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Thanks for the facts. I also found some vedioes from youtube about the violence recently happened in Tibet. I guess those are enough to teach those IdiotsInJapan. Let's hope they can be more civilized than their shameful crude ancestor.

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Thanks Rainrain for your comedy.

Yeah, Japan shouldn't have occupied China. In the same way, China shouldn't have occupied Tibet. Why does China act like an abused child, doing what was done to it? Nationalism is a plague on civilizaton. Grow up.

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China is the kinda nation that has never historically waged war against another nation!

I'm sure the Vietnamese, South Koreans, Indians, and of course Tibetans & Taiwanese would beg to differ...

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how civilised is covering up the truth and not only attacking a country whos never raged a war but rape them. Be truthful to your kids and ancestors

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