Chinese island project in disputed waters justifiable: general


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Watch Japan build infrastructures on Senkakus and call it justifiable, and watch China call it unjustifiable.

What's the difference

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PRC's principle is whenever they are stronger then their opponent they will do as they please since they believe it is within their rights. When at equal footing they will try to negotiate a bargain or shelf the idea until they feel they are in a better situation and will act as servants to whom they think are stronger and will retaliate.

At the moment PRC thinks the neighboring nations in the SEA are weaker and the US will not move their military as long as PRC don't make the first move.

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I highly doubt Vietnam, the Philippines, or Malaysia have the money to waste on artificial islands. I bet Luo is a victim of the false equivalency kool-aide. "Of course our airstrip and harbour are equivalent to your rusting boat base!"

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If we pretend to have a common language and logic accepted over all national borders then we can ask what is the difference? However it seems China is using its own language/logic and then it all makes sense, regrettably only for them. Maybe their goal is to get strong enough. Then they don't have to care what anyone else thinks. Is it just me or does the rhetoric sound a bit 18 century?

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China's planning a new military installation.

Probably in response to the US build up in the area. Tokyo trying its best to build a similar sized "heliport" in Henoko in Okinawa for the US military. Not to mention the huge naval base on Jeju island that the South Korean government is building for the U.S.A.

China and the U.S.A. both need to cool it.

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Suddenly seemed worth its weight in oil.

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Japan should get off its duff and build a defense installation on the Senkakus. Yes, Peking will be screaming, but so what.

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The sad reality is a more assertive and aggressive china will continue pushing the envelope as far as it can possible get in Asia unless the Asian countries want to start a war with China, which is highly unlikely at this point (during the recently gatherings of APEC and G20, countries heads were trying almost everything to get close to Xi for the so called prospective business opportunity including Tony Abbott. )

With fresh memory of two recent wars that are still pretty much being fought at this very moment in Iraq and Afghan plus a combusting situation in Ukraine with those threatening Russians armed forces that challenging the world orders settled after WWII, the ways and means available for the US to push back Chinese expansion in Asia is relatively limited.

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BertieWooster: Agreed. It's interesting to read so many comments that can only point fault at others, without realizing both are guilty of poor actions and reations. Scipantheist: I see you are still hung up on your favorite two words of the week, equivalency and equivalent. Those words don't apply to poor actions & reactions, it matters NOT, if one commits them more than the other, they are still simply poor actions. In what part of history can you find two countries who committed "equivalent" wrong doings?

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The last time the US provoked (oil-embargo) a rising power in the east it led to Pearl and years of enormous suffering for all parties. Given the historical accounts it may be to easy to connect the dots to a similar process here but China is without question expanding, no matter if it is so called old territories or new ones. And the US is trying to stop or at least slow down the expansion a bit. However this time the expanding power is not an island and much bigger. Diplomacy without gunboats?

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This part of the ocean should be declared a non military zone: no warplanes, no warships, no intervention by outside super powers, let the neighbouring countries enjoy small scale fishing. Please let the super powers in these region realize the importance of peace and harmony here. I do pray for these.

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Most dictators always find words to justify of their evil intents. Chairman Mao killed millions, and his action was justified as well under communist China history. Upon having the base, China will try to legitimize the claim far into the whole sea. One day, the world will boycott "made in China", then they will taste their own bitter pill.

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China's planning a new military installation.

That's fine. Build it on undisputed land.

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