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Chinese media blame 'dirty tactics' for Tsai's win

By Sam Yeh

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Tsai and her Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) used "dirty tactics such as cheating, repression and intimidation to get votes, fully exposing their selfish, greedy and evil nature", it added.

Standard CCP protocol. Accuse the other party of everything that CCP itself is guilty of.

All power to to Tsai Ing-Wen and the DPP. The people of Taiwan have spoken.

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Who cares what the Chinese state media has to say?

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Ha! China saying it was not a 'normal' election is laughable. At least Taiwan has elections!

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"This is obviously not a normal election," said official news agency Xinhua in an English-language editorial on Sunday.

Yeah sure, we'll take the word of it from a country that doesn't even have fair elections. What a joke.

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"This is obviously not a normal election," said official news agency Xinhua in an English-language editorial on Sunday.

That is pretty funny coming from a mainland Chinese source. So in their mind, Winnie Puh's lifetime presidency is the result of a "normal election"?

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Chinese media blame 'dirty tactics' for Tsai's win

To the ChiCom’s democracy is a dirty tactic.

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The greatest irony in that. China only knows dirty tactics and so intimately. First, China got their monies into the pockets of the corrupted Western politicians to make them the favorable manufacturer of the world. Then they used big monies they gained from greedy Westerner capitalists to buy off more politicians and countries, stealing and copying others' creations then made those theirs. They throw out more cash to buy off Taiwan's allies to islolate Taiwan. With the way things are going, Taiwan will not be able to escape China's grasp. And if the US remains stupid, China will take their spot as the Emperor of the world. The world can't blame China for playing dirty, they can only blame themselves for being stupid.

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China has been intimidating Taiwan for decades.

They've taken to preventing Taiwanese people from competing anywhere else in the world where China is also invited.

Don't forget:

airlines that fly to the mainland, must call Taiwan - Taiwan, China. This was a huge change from previous.

maps that had to be modified worldwide by any company wanting to do business in China.

that every smartphone has govt mandated tracking software.

that China restricts mainland Chinese travel visas to Taiwan.


Uighur minority re-education camps.

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First of all, what would China know what an election is? China doesn't have open elections

Second, talking about dirtying the elections, there's a Chinese ex-spy who just defected to Australia, spilling secrets how China attempts to affect Taiwan's election:

"Chinese spy defects to Australia, alleging election interference and cybercrimes"


A purported agent of the Chinese intelligence service is seeking asylum in Australia, bringing with him explosive allegations of widespread interference in political affairs in that country, Taiwan and elsewhere. He claims also to have run a cyberterrorism campaign against supporters of Hong Kong independence.

Wang “William” Liqiang indicated to Australian news outlet The Age that during a deep-cover assignment intended to manipulate the 2020 presidential election in Taiwan, he decided to defect and expose the Chinese networks from abroad.

Wang has reportedly explained in detail the inner workings of a Hong Kong-listed company called China Innovation Investment Limited, which the government has allegedly been using as a front to infiltrate various universities, political groups and media companies.

He also says that he helped direct a “cyber army” to dox, attack and otherwise harass Hong Kong’s independence protestors, and that he was working on establishing one to affect the 2020 election in Taiwan.

So who's dirtying the Taiwan election again?

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