Chinese police kill seven hostage-takers in Xinjiang


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Hail for the heroic actions and heart fell condolences to that slained police officer's families! No compromise to terrorisms!

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The religion of peace in China.

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Believe it or not I'm actually with the Uighur population on this one. But it all comes down to who got the territory first and the indiginous population seems to be the Uighurs. They don't speak mandarin, they speak turkish. I'm gathering that Chinese gov infringed on their land (kind of like the Tibetan situation). Completely different languages and people.

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The day is saved again by China's elite anti-terrorist and anti-crime forces! YAY!

Oh wait ... who were the terrorists again?

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This kind of action'strike hard' campaign is what should be done especially the situation in Xinjiang. Terrorists court martial at site and penalty carry out right away! Saving money, time and curbing controversial that will lead to an unjust trail!

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The Chinese government has a "Twitter-like weibo" account?!

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A scene right out of a movie

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The MUSLIMS are being invaded by the HAN Chinese, so Just a guy, wait until the rest of the MUSLIM world knows how terrible your people are treating the MUSLIM minority in their OWN LAND no being OVER RUN by HAN CHINESE.

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Valid use of force for peacekeeping. Nothing preemptive about it.

If these Islamic Uighur people are oppressed, then they should find a valid way of appealing for change or leave China. But Islamic ideology says to not turn ones back to unbelievers and even prescribes violence towards them. So they will not leave on their own, and in addition to previous knife attacks there is this kidnapping and hostage taking.

To substantiate the criticism, here are two of numerous passages from the main Islamic religious text: "O believers, when you meet unbelievers on the field of battle, do not turn your backs to them" (Al-Anfal, sura 15). And, "So when you clash with unbelievers, smite their necks until you overpower them, then hold them in bondage" (Muhammad, verse 4). There is also the "zakat" tax that is to be imposed on people who wearily submit to Muslims, but do not convert, "If they repent and fulfill their devotional obligations and pay that zakat, then let them go their way..." (At-Taubah, sura 5).

I happen to know these things because, since the US has involved itself in the Middle Eastern region, it has become important for me to be able to disambiguate Islam from the Judeo-Christian religion and God. Once people know what it is, then they know what to do with it. Best wishes to China on handling this in the long run. They seem to be doing quite fine.

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