Chinese president oversees military parade in show of might


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ever notice how countries that are actually strong (US) do not have to do these parades?

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three days ago Trump attend a ceremony for the launch of the newest carrier and gave a speech ,what's the difference?

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a big difference. The US does not do FAKE shows of force, they actually use it in real life

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China is the world's most militarily and economically powerful authoritarian dictatorship. They lied to the world about a "peaceful rise" for decades while building their power through trade with the west. Now they are buying the west. China is seeking to revive their ancient glory as the center of the world, and to do that they intend to overtake the United States and rewrite the post WWII order. The have openly said so.

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a big difference. The US does not do FAKE shows of force, they actually use it in real life.


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The PLA is a disgrace: no real army murders its own citizens, running them over with tanks for demanding their human rights.

Tubby despot Xi should be the one crushed underneath the tanks, instead of parading around like a belligerent halfwit.

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The Chinese PLA is no real Army. Militaries of most countries exist to protect their country and their people without regard to who or what government administration is in power. The Chinese PLA exists to protect the Chinese Communist Party, the sole party permitted to exist in China. Unarmed civilians demanding democracy and human rights are a threat to the party and therefore legitimate targets of the Chinese PLA.

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