Chinese president vows open trade, stable currency


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Talk is cheap, it needs to be backed by actions. Somehow I doubt that will occur.

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Open Trade: Ok, please advise ETD for rare metal shipments to Japan !

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China says rock to the rythm of open trade unity jobs and stable currency trade.

I wonder,what pop and rock song Hu of China's listens to?

Careful,what we wish for,you might get it all,including 15 storey hotels worth millions, made in 6 days. 60-70 million of Cars made in one year,nowadays.

China's help can make that 150 million cars made in One year,looking at speed at which hotels can be made. Recycle them cars faster.

It's just a matter of time,high speed car making.

Time is money. Less time spent making Cars and Building,is more money ,made faster,with plenty of holidays.

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The new watch word is reciprococity. It is in Chinas interest that it do more than just pay lip service to Americas resolve to create a leveller playing field.

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China needs the USA and the rest of the world, only a few Chinese are rich, they go to Tokyo Disneyland, Ginza etc..the rest of the Chinese are not rich, having a hard time, so they need the USA, Japan, the rest of the world to buy their goods or China will have a revolution, chaos.

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Mexicano, please study economics 101 before commenting about world trade.

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Mexicano, please study economics 101 before commenting about world trade.

Mexicano is pretty much bang on from an economics point of view. China has a huge wealth gap, which has resulted in a small % of people become very rich and the rest significantly poorer. China lacks a big enough middle class to be self-sustaining at the moment, so China depends on other countries to purchase their manufactured goods, to generate wealth. If the US and/or the rest of the world stopped trading with China, it wouldn't have the economic fundamentals in place to continue to grow. The rest of the world would take a pretty big hit but then there are other countries out there that willing to be the world's factory.

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I just don't believe anything that comes out of a Chinese mouth.

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“The international community should oppose protectionism in all manifestations,”

That includes territorial disputes as well, yes?

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I don't believe that the Chinese government truely believes in "open trade and a stable currency". But it's a sad commentary on the state of world affaires when the communist Chinese government is more actively promoting free trade than the president of the United States. Watching the news coverage of Obama's trip to Asia and the G-20 meetings is seeing the world turned upside down.

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USA promoted global free trade first,which made China evolve into 9000 billion dollar annual economy. Someone has to rise,in free global trade.

China was in perfect place for that. World is turned upside down,if it concern global free trade policy.

Now that China is doing well, USA must stablise its economy.

USA can go back to previous govt policies,once its economy is much better.

China can now play big role,in global free trade and global free flow of currency,since its economy is strong.

USA can play a big role in future,when it's economy is stronger . USA also has to keep doing as much as it can, to play all it's past economic roles, in the present too.

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