Chinese tourism to U.S. drops for 1st time in 15 years


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Manufacturing will move from China to Africa. Your bubble is gonna pop, China.

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No, that's not going to happen, but probably Taiwan and Vietnam.

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well it doesn't matter where it's going China will still sell cheap things and copy everything that any company make and everyone will buy them LUL

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Just more of Donny's winning.

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Sounds like good news to me.

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Yeap, good news for other countries who will now get more money from the Chinese. Like it or not, they are LOADED. Even your dear leader can't resist the money.

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Sounds like good news to me.


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The Chinese are closed off to YouTube and the internet in general. No independent thinking allowed. It's basically state monitored and their businesses state supported. Would never trust their unaudited financial numbers. China basically is only allowed to use the info given to them from the State. With their theft of our intellectual property and no way to litigate that in China I'm proud that we finally have an administration in the U.S. willing to stand up and say enough.

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How many spies are hiding?

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Lol, do they count "birth tourists" and "anchor babies" as tourists

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Who wants to go to a country that is a big bully, who insults and just rob our money???. Only abe the Japanese prime-minister want to go to usa, not even us, normal Japanese wants to go there. Good luck to americans, all good citizens of America should do something abt their big bully.

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I think the Chinese people are somewhat shackled by their current Government. They are the most Business minded Peoples on this planet and have been pretty much for the longest period know to mankind - nowadays they have a wide range of business activities from the Rip-off Scammers that we see in Africa (i.e "Nigeria") to leading edge technologies that have not been stolen from others... and a lot in between.

Trump is right to fight for a level playing field, if he backs out of this, then he looses his standing in my view.

China needs to respect International Trade rule, Laws, Copyright, and expect "appropriate" Import Tariffs when it comes to products from state supported entities.

The concerns over Security in Huawei, are a smoke screen - and for Trump to say that, that Company could be part of any Trade agreement, somewhat elevates them to a position that they do not deserve.

Evesdropping upon encrypted traffic wont really help the Chinese (nor other) Governments, however, a kill-switch ... would - that is IMHO the only REAL threat for non-Internet connected equipment. With Internet Connected Equipment, a Kill-Switch is already possible regardless of maker, for those who know.. particularly certain protocols in detail.... we've seen some disruptive instances already (perhaps POC tests?).

A reduction in Chinese Tourism isnt a bad thing. They buy online anyway and when they come here, they are so bad mannered as to disrupt the experience of other Tourists .

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Please don’t bother coming to North America, there are already too many that aren’t officially here.

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Well they now visit Africa and Asia more.

But still can't believe they are the biggest spenders in UK.

Westerners never buy expensive items in Asia but Asians buy expensive in Europe.

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Well they now visit Africa and Asia more.

You are aware that China is in Asia, correct?

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Best news I have heard in years!

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Best news I have heard in years!


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Only abe the Japanese prime-minister want to go to usa, not even us, normal Japanese wants to go there.

The article states: *"In 2017, the country [China] had the fifth highest number of U.S.-bound tourists, behind Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Japan."*

Japan is 4th-highest. More Japanese go to the USA than even populous China!

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