Chinese, U.S. aircraft in 'unsafe' encounter over South China Sea


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“We don’t see any evidence that it was intentional,” the spokesman said.

There's a history of Chinese fighters trying to intimidate aircraft from other countries over the SCS. In 2001, near Hainan island, one fighter actually collided with a US plane causing the fighter to crash and the US plane to make an emergency landing. One of the problems with an overly-nationalist military is that there'll always be posturing, and it's best not to let it escalate. I think the statement given above by the spokesman was the right one to make, all things considered.

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I think this time, it was not intentional. I am sure China leadership is aware there is a new USA Secretary of Defense and President trump who will not allow the USA to be bullied nor will it allowed its allies be bullied unlike Obama's administration.

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One of the problems with an overly-nationalist military is that there'll always be posturing


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How would Americans feel about a Chinese warship having a "close encounter" with an American warship in the Gulf of Mexico?

The Chinese are a few hundred miles from their shoreline, the US, about 10,000 miles away.

Who has more right to be there?

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Who has more right to be there?

Nobody. Everyone has the same rights in international waters.

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Who has more right to be there?

Nobody. Everyone has the same rights in international waters.

Yep, keep international, international a.k.a. keep public, public

The moment there becomes a hierarchy of who has more rights in an international/public area is the moment we start to lose the rights to international/public areas

The next thing ya know, some governments have more rights there or some rich folks have more rights there

Nope, no way - everyone has the same rights there - and that's the way it should stay

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. The news reports that these days in February 2017 , Chinese military aircraft and US Navy Surveillance Aircraft had ‘unsafe’ encounter in South China Sea, over which some countries have also made a claim. The news report also says that the unsafe encounter was at a distance of 300 meters when US Aircraft turned. So it could be categorized as a major cause of security concern. In this regard , readers may like to know this Vedic astrology writer’s related predictions in article – “ Astrological probable alerts for US in 2017” – published in December 2016 issue of Wisdom Magazine Link : If the link fails in locating the article , reach the site of magazine. Then tick “Archives”. Thereafter Tick “Heavens” when article could be reached. The following text of prediction from the article is quite clear on the point :- “ The months of February and March in 2017 look to be bringing to surface for US , woes of economic and security nature which may upset heavily policy makers and the rulers alike. A kind of economic war may perhaps be there unless appropriate and sufficient strategy is hammered out and applied meanwhile. Take more care while handling chemicals and nuclear energy”. It seems the prediction is obviously meaningful while outer limit of major worrisome period could be limited to about 13 March 2017.

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