Chinese vaccines sweep much of the world, despite concerns


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if you vaccinate everyone and it's only 50% or less effective, then what good is it? You'd still have to quarantine as immune compromised and elderly would not get the benefit, as those groups typically have weaker immune systems to begin with.

China just wants everyone to change the channel so will do anything at thist point but the best approach will be to placate China and remove all affiliation after decimating the planet

Always remember their own doctors they killed to stop the spread of the news, not the spread of the virus.

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Another click-bait headline..

China has said it is supplying “vaccine aid” to 53 countries and exports to 27, but it rejected a request by the AP for the list

So if AP does not have the can they publish such a misleading headline..

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Just remember, your supply of vaccines might get cut off depending on how your ambassador votes on Taiwan and the South China Sea.

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The CCP creates the problem, and then sells the solution. Typical.

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Google tells me its 50% effective on mild symptoms,

78% effective against moderate symptoms and 100% effective against severe symptoms.

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They made the virus so why not let them make the vaccine?

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Medical Diplomacy at its most blatant. I hope some whistle blower out there raises the real concerns on Chinese made vaccines on whether they do work or not. The last thing the world needs is another outbreak of illnesses due to a malfunctioning serum.

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The Chinese vaccine is a more traditional one and has some potential advantages, unfortunately it comes from China so ....NG

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BTW, one of the reporters writing this article is Huizhong Wu. Don't assume that she is biased in her reporting based on her Chinese name. She is in Taiwan, and reports a lot about the concerns regarding China (the CCP).

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Sick of the vaccine issue being used for geopolitical points by our "democratic " politicians and press. We get it..the correct narrative is Russian, Chinese vaccines bad, western "freedom fighting" vaccines good.

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A Chinese vaccine is not going to get much love for a couple reasons in richer countries: 1/. The virus started there and so there's hostility towards China and anything Chinese. 2/. More trust in western (meaning Caucasian) drug manufacturing. Even if Sinovac had 100% efficacy and no side-effects, ain't no-one on this site taking it ahead of the western versions. Even Zeneca where in Europe many are knocking back taking because of their shoddy test results,would still have people rather take at 50% efficacy than a Chinese 100%.The built-in resistance is like that.

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Chinese experts reject any connection between the export of its vaccines and the revamping of its image.

There belongs much more for China to revamp its image than just to deliver a vaccine, for a Virus which they set free to the world.

Stop bullying your neighbors, stay away from the Senkaku Islands, go out of Tibet, keep Hongkong free, set free all the prisoners who are locked away without any reason, stop to suppress the Uiguren, acknowledge human rights....and so on..

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virusrex works for Pfizer. Keep that in mind when reading virusrex posts.

So are you expecting him to disparage the Chinese vaccine in favour of 'his' vaccine? What exactly should we 'keep in mind', other than that he is a qualified authority on the subject? (unlike you)

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Perhaps they already had the antidote/vaccine made before the CCP Virus already started to spread in early September 2019.

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The main problem with the Chinese vaccine is the deep lack of transparency, which is the same problem with how they dealt with the pandemic on the first place. Instead of the huge public scrutiny that other vaccines had to be subjected they did everything in secrecy and without any external intervention, so you just have to trust they did things right.

There are several reason to doubt safety and efficacy from inactivated vaccines when compared with a vaccine that also simulate infection inside of the cell, there is higher risk of producing immune response with excessive inflammation (as described for SARS and MERS) and they include proteins that have not a demonstrated value (antibodies against them not being useful) but that in theory increase the risk to inducing autoimmune problems. That does not mean they are automatically bad, but it does mean they need to be carefully evaluated and the results from the clinical trials completely open.

Sick of the vaccine issue being used for geopolitical points by our "democratic " politicians and press. We get it..the correct narrative is Russian, Chinese vaccines bad, western "freedom fighting" vaccines good.

Then do not read the press nor listen to the politicians, go directly to check the opinion of experts, which will still tell you that the Sinovac vaccine development needed much more transparency and has not enough evidence of efficacy and safety to be recommended.

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I fixed the headline...

Chinese vaccines sweep much of the world, despite the usual anti China propaganda of the very same western countries hoarding their own vaccines.

Thank you China and Russia!

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Perhaps they already had the antidote/vaccine made before the CCP Virus already started to spread in early September 2019.

So everybody else beat them in developing it, and di it in a much more effective way? that is not a logical conclusion.

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Vaccine created in 10 month is like making Kool Aid

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Of course, given that the same claims of being approved despite the 'lack of reliable data' were repeatedly made about Russia's Sputnik-V, despite, you know, the 'trustworthy' western vaccines being approved on exactly the same sort of data, released on the same sort of timing, shortly after, and the same people who said the Russians were being reckless for political reasons, in true Mitch McConnell fashion, said exactly the opposite things then, the entire narrative of this article reeks of the journalist standards of Fox News.

Add in the Qanon type comments, and I'm filing it under the probably an 'official lie' heading.

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A return to normal will occur only when the entire global population is vaccinated. So, who cares what country the vaccine comes from?

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I'm confused why a vaccine with billions of doses doesn't have scientifically validated, published, peer-reviewed, results? Seems shady.

There's the funny idea in science. Experiments setup the same, will produce the same results. Every time. Give me science over politics every time, but especially when it comes to world health. Of course, that doesn't work in countries where the state controls all media and allowed opinions are dictated by the leaders.

This reminds me of Sim City. Whenever the public believes pollution is a problem in that game, just build more small parks and the pollution belief is handled, though nothing substantive was actually done to address the cause of pollution.

Countries buying the Sinopharma vaccine are just building small parks to appease their citizens.

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Maybe it's time for the US to follow what China is doing? Lol!

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Amid a dearth of public data on China’s vaccines, fears over their efficacy and safety are still pervasive in the countries depending on them

They're so secretive - why are they hiding if it's good

If there's issues with these Chinese vaccines, it'll affect people's confidence on all the vaccines

Worse still, if it turns out not much better than a placebo, "vaccinated" people who think they're already immune, would then unknowingly continue to spread the virus

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