Christchurch mosque attacker charged with terrorism

By Mark Mitchell

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LUL so he is still being

''undergoing tests to determine if he is mentally fit to stand trial.''

what a joke !!

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he's also a self-described eco-fascist and enthno-nationalist. i think social media algorithms have a way of ramping up rhetoric and we need to be very careful about characterizations and take time to adequately describe the situation.

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It's so sad how someone like him can just ruin his life for no reason, he'll have nothing left to look forward to in life. What causes someone to do such horrible things?

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What causes someone to do such horrible things?


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He was mentally cognitive enough to fly to another country obtain a gun license and film himself splattering 50 + people. Think personally he should spend the rest of his life contained in a small room. I vomit when I read his name. Scum.

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What causes someone to do such horrible things?

Answers to the question of why people carry out massacres often indicate where people are on the political spectrum. In this particular case, the rightists will tend to play down the white supremacy aspect.

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They can put any labels they like on him but it doesn't change what happened. Or does it?

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He killed 50-plus people and injured dozens more, he needs to go visit Timothy McVeigh

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